Weird slowdown when booting my Macs (fixed after uninstalling Little Snitch)

A few weeks ago, I started noticing that both my iMac (2017) and my Macbook Pro (2016) needed way longer to boot into MacOS (Mojave, latest version). Both of them acted similarly: the progress bar moved along as usual only to stop almost right before the end mark. Then, nothing would happen for about 10 to 30 seconds. After that, the progress bar would move to the end. The Macs would be available. But still, it felt as if the startup items did take more time as usual.

First, I thought it was a bug in Mojave and I did not care too much as I am not constantly rebooting my Macs. Finally, I started wondering what was going on because I have not read anything anywhere about such issues. I started with emptying caches. It did not help.

Because of a funny feeling, I uninstalled Little Snitch from my iMac (latest version, all available updates installed). After rebooting the Mac, I noticed a significant speed improvement. So, I uninstalled Little Snitch from my MacBook Pro, too. Same here: everything fine again.

I am not 100% sure if it was a problem with Little Snitch as an application or because of borked rules or if it just was something totally different (I never entered verbose mode, I did no PRAM reset and all this fun stuff). But I do not really care to be honest. Not once in a lifetime, I have caught Little Snitch detecting unwanted behavior on my Macs. This might be related to not having installed shady apps, I think. So, I guess I will keep using my Macs without Little Snitch and “just” with the security measures turned on the OS provides me with.

Here are Little Snitch users in this community, as far as I know. Has anybody noticed something similar in this community? Again, I am not 100% sure to blame Little Snitch.

There are so many variables at play here. Little Snitch’s configuration can be rather complex, and what it does at start up depends on what the Mac is doing at start up, what it is connecting to, etc. Very difficult to diagnose without doing a step-by-step reimplementation of LS. But if you’ve (a) seen faster results without LS, and (b) don’t care if LS is active, then I’d say case closed.

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I have noticed the same behavior with a 2011 MacBook Pro that i gave to my parents.

It’s still on High Sierra but does not have Little snitch installed. (It has no other “fancy” software installed… maybe you can consider fancy Bento and Crossover… :stuck_out_tongue:)