Weird ssh issue in macOS

Whenever I try to ssh into my mac through the ip address, the connection will time out. But, if I use the [name].local address it will immediately connect.

Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

That is very odd, and beyond wondering if you have the correct IP address, I don’t have any explanation. I’ll be interested to know if anyone else has any ideas!

Did you ping .local to ensure that the Mac is at the IP address you think it is at?

What IP do you get when you dig the hostname to check the DNS resolution? We were chatting about this at work and can’t come up with anything other than maybe it’s somehow IPv6 related?

Is it IPv6?

(Maybe flush the ARP table)

I’m just using the ip address that’s been handed out through dhcp.
And maybe that is the issue? Who knows…

I’m going to switch the mac to fixed ip next, and we’ll see what happens.
(will let you know)

btw: I found the behaviour is identical through all my macs (3)

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Just tested it with fixed IP’s , no luck. It is very strange.
IPv6 is set to automatic, don’t know what I would need to change to rule that out.