Weirdest, most cringe-worthy, or off-brand moment from an Apple Keynote. Go

We all love Apple, which is of course why we are here, but we can also admit that for all the Keynotes that we have all watched over the years, there have definitely been some “huh?” moments.

In good fun, what moments do you remember that made you just pause and go…“Wha???”

I’ll start. There have been many over the years, but the weirdest moment I remember what when Tim Cook and U2 decided to “release their new album” at the end of an Apple Event and then declare “this is already the biggest album release of all time” or something like that.

Um, thanks?

That was weird.

What moments stick out for you? Remember…all in good fun!



There are many examples but the one that immediately sticks out for me is having seen a rather subdued Steve Jobs in 2007 limpingly introduce the 6-D-cell-powered $350 iPod HiFi as “home stereo quality” and equivalent to home stereo gear costing over twice as much. He concluded the presentation by noting that he was an audiophile with thousands of dollars worth of home stereo equipment but he was getting rid of his stereo equipment “to go with these things”.

A rare failure of the SJ Reality Distortion Field.

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For me Phil Shiller’s,

Can’t innovate anymore, my ass!

sticks out as the most uncharacteristic thing they’ve said ever. It seems to have worsened with time considering the switch back to an extensible cheese grater style design for the Mac Pro.

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I remember the race car demo that never seemed to materialize into a mainstream product.

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I forget what iPhone it was, but they had someone from google come up on stage. That was a big WTF moment for me.


I don’t even disagree with the reasoning, but wow that was cringeworthy.

When apple demoed Fortnite