Well Apple, that's disappointing

So, I heard about the https://businessconnect.apple.com/ on a podcast, and thought I’d check it out. Sitting on my large iPad Pro, Apple greets me with the following message:

They are basically telling me to use a “real computer” running macOS or Windows to visit an Apple webpage at this point…

As a long time iPad user, I find this extremely disappointing.


I guess we will have to wait until someone develops a desktop class browser for the iPad.



More seriously, did you try the “request desktop website” feature? Works great sometimes.


I have that set permanently.

That changed my option to Request Mobile Website

Looks like we really do need a desktop browser on the iPad. :slightly_frowning_face:

Interesting that Apple’s own site ignores this setting…

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Same behavior with Firefox on an iPadPro.

Tried on Edge on iPad Pro and same message, even with desktop site requested.

Same results with iCab Mobile here.

How embarrassing!

Oh yes, that is always on. A possible explanation though.