Well I did it, I bought an iPad Air

Hello All,

I hope when you are reading this, you are doing well, healthy and things are working out for you. Well I want to try the iPad life for work but I need some guidance on apps that would help me. I will go thru of the programs I use on Windows laptop and see if we can get similar apps here.

On my daily job I use Outlook and M Office 365 so that I am ok. I also use Remote Desktop Manager to handle well multiple RDP that I need to connect to. At the moment can’t find a good app for this. Those Remote Desktop are all Windows.

In addition to this I manage around 100 Linux Boxes that I ssh to them. I use on Windows Mobaxterm (really good program) and have a list of all servers that I ssh and mobaxterm will even safe the password for me and the next time I login it doesn’t ask for password.

Basically that’s it that I use my laptop and that’s it. While writing this, not sure if I can create ssh public keys on my iPad and have that on the server so I do not need to put password will work also, but having a list where I can just select and even open multiple at the same time will work…

Hardware that I bought:
IPad Air 256 gb
Magic Keyboard

Thank you for taking the time to read this and share your suggestion…


You might like ShellFish. It can log in with saved passwords and also generate ssh keys.

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I use Blink as my ssh client. It’s excellent (if you’re a Unix kind of person) and the only one that I’ve found so far with mosh support, which given the iPad’s tendency to kill background apps, is very, very handy.

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If you are managing hundreds of servers where you need to SSH into them, you should really look into SecureCRT. The “button bar” is it’s killer feature - you can save command snippets and run the same command on multiple servers. You can group these button bars so that on all DB machines certain buttons are available, another set of buttons on mail servers, etc. Absolutely worth the expense if you job is to manage servers by logging into them (which is so last century). You can install that on remote machine that you access via iPad.


Looks like you already have some good suggestions. I used to use Prompt by Panic software and now they have Prompt 2. And I occasionally still use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app for IOS