What a wonderful world

Just an observation, but one of my favorite aspects of macOS Sonoma are the new aerial screensavers. I esp. love the ones recorded over national parks and other beautiful landscapes. So many mind blowing views of places I could probably never reach by myself.

I feel they are a minor boost for my mental health—interesting, relaxing and providing an opportunity to take five in the middle of a the usual, stressful workday.


I didn’t realize you could change them until reading this post. Thanks, @airwhale, for passing this boost onto others!

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I agree! Honestly one of the best little details in Sonoma. I also love the way the screensaver slowly comes to a halt and becomes the wallpaper. They didn’t have to do that, but I’m so glad they did. Anything else just seems old now.


love it. haven’t tried the others but now will check them out

also the clock is a nice touch on the lock screen…

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Sometimes I just sit watching those dolphins :slight_smile:


We love the screen savers on our Apple TVs and happy to see them come to the Mac. One thing I miss on the Mac version is the ability to bring up a caption to identify the location. It’s up arrow on the Siri Remote. Can’t find any option on the Mac.


I was going to ask the same thing, I want to know where they are!!

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