What about Facebook!?

This website’s creation coincides with the Mac Power Users closing its Facebook channel. While there were a lot of good reasons to keep the group on Facebook, ultimately the reasons to leave Facebook were even better.

If you hate this move …

You should probably point your frustration at me. I was the driving force in moving the group away from Facebook and through a campaign of whining and pestering was able to pull the rest of the team along with me. Seriously, I appreciate why you may have preferred that we stay on Facebook but I do think this Discourse forum will, ultimately, serve the community better and I encourage you to give it a try.

If you love this move…

You should direct your thanks to several people:

Katie Floyd - For green-lighting me after ceaseless whining.
Joe Buhlig - For building this forum. (Joe does this for a living … check out ProCourse.)
Rosemary Orchard - for massive help with the setup, launch, and ongoing admin help.