What antivirus software do you recommend?

I have no issues with Sophos slowing down on Big Sur or M1 Machines. I have it on at least 20 Macs running Big Sur.

Yeah, no surprise. The great thing about macOS is that it’s wonderful, except when it’s not :laughing: :laughing:

I’d say Sophos, it mostly keeps out of the way and does what it needs to. I have the home version on one machine that gets a lot of email from windows users and use it to pick up on windows viruses so I don’t infect anyone else.

So if you have to choose it’s not a bad option. (I remember when my work still required AV on macs…)

The one I use runs virus software. I’m pretty sure. I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel on it though.

Thanks, Rob! I’ll pay you later.

Gee. I come here to learn, ok?

The vpn I “rent” says it runs anti-virus software. I just double-checked.

However, I got it because I was worried about snoops. (The co was once owned by that creep that died recently.)

Sophos working just fine on both my Macs…Big Sur and an M1 Mini plus Intel MacBook. Since I also have a PC laptop, Sophos covers it as well, so that is a bonus

Okay, but then it’s a different component. You have a suite that’s both a VPN and an antivirus. But these are different and completely unrelated components (apart from the fact that the same company sells them). The fact that you use Word does not mean that Excel is bundled with it and Word makes for a poor spreadsheet. :slightly_smiling_face: (and I’m guessing it’s MacAfee then.)


You didn’t read what I wrote subsequent to the comments! I would defer to you, I am sure.

My VPN periodically scans for viruses. I double-checked and it uses anti virus software.

My intention was certainly not to mislead anyone.

Now whether Apple is somehow immune from viruses is simply not true. However, it is not likely and if you are cognizant, as someone indicated, that may suffice.

I did have someone deliberately give me a virus.

Some people might just as well have it for peace of mind. But I didn’t purchase VPN because of viruses or the virus software which I believe I also stated.

I explained that Anti virus is included with my vpn.

I never stated that ALL VPN includes virus software. Period.

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Right. I thought I elaborated on it clearly. Apparently I didn’t and for that I apologize.

Thanks for explaining it.

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It would really help the discussion if you told the name of the VPN service you’re referring to. That would allow people to check your statement.

Other than that, I stand by what I previously wrote: it’s probably with the best intentions and to the best of your knowledge, but please don’t tell you’re using a VPN (i.e. Virtual Private Network) as an antivirus tool. Left or right, it ain’t.



You need to read what I wrote.

I doubled checked. I am using McAvee for VPN. It includes virus software.

As KillerWhale aptly explained, they are two different things.


I haven’t found any good ones myself. So basically, any time I want to do something shady, I do it in a virtual machine, often with a side of inspecting outgoing network traffic inside said virtual machine via something like Proxyman or Charles.

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Yelling is never considered well mannered.

I’m out of this, rather silly, discussion.

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I used BitDefender on mine and the kids for a while and also Malwarebytes.

BitDefender was fine, didn’t notice any particular slow downs or issues with it.

Single use VMs are also the best place to test apps, etc. I would spin one up any time I needed to test software or suspected malware. Each time I would delete the VM when finished with the session.

It’s not as much about the vpn software itself (aside from user experience) as it is about the backend infrastructure it connects to. With that said I would use the one with the best user experience and a great team behind them. Someone mentioned Crowdstrike (not sure if they offer a consumer version), but I also like what Malwarebytes is doing with their team.

Thanks, that’s helpful!

Thanks, that’s helpful!

Hey Katie, sorry this is blown up on you when you were trying to be helpful in answer to your question.

Rest of y’all–let’s give her some grace, ok? I’ve seen some security packages that include a VPN and an antivirus–in fact, I think Intego sells such a package. While a VPN doesn’t protect against malware, a package that includes a VPN and antivirus software could. So let’s give Katie the benefit of the doubt here.