What app should I use to draw detailed plans of my house?

I’m currently drawing a detailed floorplan of my house in Illustrator (been a former FreeHand user, Illustrator is the closest at hand even though I never liked it).

Then I realized it’s 2023, and there surely must be some better app for this today? Something that automatically shows measurements, placement of doors, etc etc.

I was an early adaptor of MagicPlan for iOS, but I have never been able to use it correctly. Probably because I rather work with my Mac than a tiny iPhone.

Therefore, the question is: What app should I use to create a detailed plan of my house?

I’m not sure what you should use, but I used Graphic.

I built things in layers and used its Javascript based automation to allow me to quickly choose which layers were visible (I ended up with around 60 layers I think in the top down view, separating out the lighting, electricity, walls, dimensions, etc).


We have used this

for our floor plan, and it was pretty easy in use, and had a great result.
Also often SketchUp is mentioned to be usable for that matter.

But for a single use, I think it is way to complicated to use this app.

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I also made a3D model in SketchUp, but I don’t think it’s a good option for a diagram with dimensions.
Great for visualisation though.

I used Sketchup when it came out, I remember it as awesome! :smiley:

OmniGraffle would likely do the job.

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I used Home Design 3D -Gold Edition. This was for helping to place furniture throughout the house. Not sure of your purpose, though.

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