What Apps Are You Trying Out — Thinking It's Worth The Time

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Many app threads here… I’m interested in finding the right stuff. I’d like to read about apps worth a deep look…

  • Devon Think To Go is under consideration. I need more time to see if it fits into my sequences. Continually, Evernote comes to mind mostly on ease of use considerations.
  • Diced not much thinking about here. Agile Tortoise’s game… Paid to get rid of ads… Sits with a small collection of small games… Gets played
  • OurGroceries like it appears a multiple groceries app… Out of initial test to family use… After key items are added to the master list the keyboard is not used to enter those items. Tried and rejected, Bring, Intellilist, Out of Milk and AnyList. These are not bad apps but not my preference. Anylist for example is more than I wanted. Edit went back to ShopShop.

What are your “newer” apps, iOS or Mac?

The Archive. I’m trying it as a scratchpad – like Drafts for the Mac.

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I have lifetime lite Pro plans for both Cloudapp and Droplr. I want to standardize on one, not sure which I want to choose.

I’ve been using OmniOutliner Essentials ($10) for just over a year and am chafing at its limitations, so I am trying to decide whether I want to pay $50 to upgrade to OmniOutliner Pro, or spend the same amount on Outlinely (which syncs to its free iOS app), or switch to an online outliner service like Checkvist/Workflowy/Dynalist.

I’ve got a folder of iOS converter apps I picked up when they went free (they’re all free-$2.99 now) and haven’t had the time to give them all a spin and decide which one(s) I want to keep on my phone. Same for a bunch of photography post-production apps - I keep resorting to the same 3 apps (Camera+, Darkroom, PS Express) but I have a folder with over a dozen well-reviewed apps I bought and never went in-depth on.

For lists, I suggest Anylist. No point in getting a specialized app for groceries when Anylist does a great job at may kinds of lists. Create templates with items and categorize and assign stores. No need for any other app.


I recently finished the free trial of Keep It. I liked it enough to shell out and buy it.


Keep It looks intriguing. But now that I’m using DevonThink, I don’t know if I can find a use for Keep It.

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That’s one way of looking at it. There are others.

Seconded. Anylist is a fantastic groceries app, but it can be used for any kind of list. It’s free too, though if you pay $6/yr for single user you get access to the Mac app and sync between Mac/iOS. And if you’ve got a family you can share lists. For groceries it’s got a huge database that can autocomplete as you’re adding items, and you can tag items by store/stores and then filter by whatever store you’re in. Really excellent app.

I took pics of all the different lightbulbs in my house with parts numbers for a hardware-store list, so when I’m shopping I won’t accidentally buy the wrong bulb.

And it’s unsuitable. Back to SwiftText and waiting for Drafts for Mac.

I think I went through every single grocery app available on iOS and rejected them all to come back to the still working SplashShopper.

Ones I tested and rejected included List Master, ezShopList both Lite and regular versions, AnyList, Grocery G, iShopping, ShopList, Grocery IQ and Shopper Lite.

Must not have features
anything that keep the list in a cloud serviceor uses a cloud system to sync
anything that requires any sort of Internet connection to run
anything that has a preset list of items you cannot edit

Must have features
set up multiple lists if desired.
within any given list must be able to assign the item to multiple stores and set a needed or not flag
looking at any given store must show all items needed there or all available there
marking an item not needed in one store must automatically mark it off in all other stores it could be bought at
desktop version that runs on Mac that supports creating lists, adding, editing and deleting items and stores
sync between iOS and Mac versions over wifi

I’m still looking for some replacement as I suspect that SplashShopper will not survive the move to iOS 12 since it was like pulling teeth to get them to update it for 11.

I’ve even done a quick schema in SQLite and written most of the queries for a replacement but just haven’t gotten the program done for either iOS or Mac OS