What are Apple stickers for?

With the reduction in packaging and drive to environmentally friendly packaging, what’s the reason for the continued use of stickers?

Does anyone ever do anything with them?

I’ve never put an Apple sticker on anything. Before the iPhone an Apple sticker on a car was like a Diver’s Flag sticker, a signal to thieves that there might be expensive equipment inside.

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From the title I thought you meant the pictures you can put on messages :joy:

In both cases I do nothing with them.

I have seen the odd person put an Apple sticker on their work Windows laptop, presumably in quiet protest.

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I assume the stickers are for marketing purposes. I see students put stickers on lots of things including laptops and water bottles.

My kids usually steal mine and plaster it on their notebooks or whatever.


Yes! I collect them!

I’m not sure where they are currently, but I do covet the gold ones I got with the 12" MacBook I bought in gold.

Oh, I’ve never actually stuck one on anything.

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They are for collecting and reminding you of how much you’ve spent on Apple gear over the years.


I once put one on my suitcase so that I could more easily identify it at the baggage claim carousel but then found that I was no longer able to open it.

(Seriously though, that has been my only use for them)

Count me as one of the odd people. But it was just for fun. I was doing it before I ever owned any Apple product. Not a protest as I was an enthusiastic MSDOS/Windows user.

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I know what Drax could use them for.

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I suppose you’re one of those “right to unpack” people, huh?


I used them on black cards to gift my kids an Apple share. They have to keep it for 5 years and then do with it what they will. I’m hoping it will have gone up enough in value that Apple will split them as they did a few years ago. Doesn’t look like it at the moment though :man_shrugging: