What are some other "niche" apps or utilities like LaunchControl and Service Station?

I learned of LaunchControl and Service Station recently. This got me thinking that there may be other niche apps or utilities other than the usual suspects (hazel, kbm, btt, etc) that I am overlooking. Whats on your list?


There’s Base, for peeking into SQLite files. Also, Beyond Compare, for more visual file comparisons (vs diff, eg; there is also FileMerge, which is part of Xcode).

Edit: Amphetamine, AppCleaner, Folder Designer, Geek Tool.

Popclip. I’m one of those people who prefers to us my mouse as little as possible, but I still find myself using Popclip all the times — word and character counts, title case, lower/uppercase … even copying a section of a web page as markdown. Super useful.


@macsorcery have you heard of Alfred? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: These are some I use that don’t get as much love:

  • 1Blocker - Block ads, trackers, and other annoyances in Safari.
  • Amphetamine - Keep your Mac, and optionally its display, awake through a super simple on/off switch.
  • CheatSheet - Displays keyboard shortcuts of the app you have open at any time by pressing the Command key.
  • Endurance - Endurance helps your Mac run up to 20% longer by automatically adjusting settings when your battery drops to a certain level.
  • GrandPerspective - Small utility that graphically shows the disk usage within a file system. I prefer it to DaisyDisk.
  • HazeOver - Automatically highlights an active app and dims any background apps for increased focus.
  • Hush - Blocks nags to accept cookies and privacy invasive tracking in Safari.
  • MeetingBar - Shows your calendar events in the status bar and you can join meetings in one click.
  • Rocket - Makes typing emoji faster and easier on Mac.
  • Swish - Control windows and applications right from the trackpad.
  • DockView-Shows preview of windows of the selected app in the dock

Witch- Fancy App switcher

MenuWhere- Keyboard command shows all menus for active app at cursor

Text-sniper- copies text from images

OrangeCard- Shows much more information then Get Info on any file

  • TextSoap is an app that I do not need most of the time, but in a pinch – like trying to clean up text copied from poorly formatted documents or the web – it is indispensable.
  • Moom is something I use continually but rarely think about. I am so used to the Moom window-arranging buttons inside the “green” stoplight button that I never think about how they got there. Moom makes macOS better all-around.
  • KeyCue is just a click away when I need to quickly navigate a complex app. FWIW – I own and use daily everything that Ergonis makes. A highly competent development shop.
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Dash - if you refer to ANY documentation on a regular basis, this tool is great! You can also link to Knowledge Bases on sites, save snippets, integrate with Alfred, Launch Bar, code editors, etc, etc.

Along with several that others mentioned, I recently discovered OwlOCR which is a drag and drop OCR app that is open source!

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