What are you hoping to buy after "Peek performance" event?

I’ve been waiting all this time for a desktop with Pro and Max chips in it. Really since before any Apple Silicon hardware was announced. Could this finally be the event that convinces me to part with my money.

Apple, please release the M1 Pro Mac Mini!


I have a 2018 Mac mini. My significant other has a M1 mini. She loves it. I’m jealous but it wouldn’t work for me. So I wait …

My wife and I both had 2018 Mac minis. I bought her an M1 Air and continued to wait. The fall event was tough, because I thought they would drop it then. Oh, well. Here we are.

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Which is to say: I hope Apple doesn’t release anything that costs me money. I’m very happy with my M1 MacBook Air and M1 Mac mini!


If you’re happy, you’re happy. I don’t think Apple will be taking your lunch money this time around.


It will be 1 PM my time, so I’ll have already had lunch …

I have a 2019 MacBook Air, so I’m interested in an upgrade of some sort. I’m oddly tempted to get either an iMac or Mac Mini and return to desktop life.

I realize it is unlikely, but an “affordable” standalone display. *By affordable I mean not $5000, maybe something more like $2000.


+1, although hoping for affordable things from Apple is not necessarily the best strategy.


an upgraded Apple Pencil with new functionalities that I didn’t know I need.


I’d like one that my wife can’t lose. Otherwise I don’t expect to see anything that I want to buy.

I am hoping that a larger iMac is introduced and if it does I am very likely to spend my cash.


This would be awesome, but I’ve given up all hope until later in the year for this to arrive.

iMac (Pro) with:

  • M1 (Pro/Max) or M2 CPU
  • integrated 27" (or larger) 5K display that can (also) be used by a MacBook Pro

Unlikely, so maybe I should go for the other unlikely hardware: an affordable 5K stand-alone monitor.



And this.

Then I’ll be content with my setup.

For a few months.


I’ve been holding out for either a redesigned MacBook Air, or (going the other direction entirely) a redesigned 27" iMac. Can’t wait to see what they look like!

Came here to say exactly this. If they release a new display, I’m ordering a maxed out M1 Max laptop and a display, and trading in my iMac Pro. The display is the biggest reason I’m still using my iMac.

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That’s what I’m waiting for a Mac Pro Mini M2 too! I hope that Apple is reading this.

Or maybe I want a “Mac Studio” and a 7K “Apple Studio Display”?

Though I doubt I can afford either one of them…

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Personally I was hoping for a 15“ Macbook Air maybe - remembers me of when you were able to select between 12“ and 14“ iBooks back in the days :blush:. I’d love a bigger screen real estate but I don’t the the whole power of a Pro/Max and I’d love it if it was lighter and thinner (as it’s not a pro machine)

Im also interested in the new bigger iMacs as well, but I don’t really believe they’ll come at this event.