What are You Reading?

So, the Snell episode prompted me to ask, what are MPU members reading now?

Do any of you have yearly reading goals?

What device do you use to read books?

Do you keep a list of books to read? What about what you have read?

And my answers:
re-reading a lot of Heinlein, reading Kyle Mills, L.T. Ryan, M.L. Ryder, Charles R. Henderson, Raphael A. Mrode and anxiously waiting for Paolo Bacigalupi, Craig Childs and Rob Zieglar to finish their latest books.

2018 I read 109 new books, re-read 11 old favorites and read 9 short stories

Electronic books are all read on my 5th generation iPad Air. The Ryder, Henderson and Mrode books are paper.

Yes, my current already purchased but not yet read kindle books is at about 150. Alot are replacements for paper books I am getting rid of and so may not get re-read for a while. I’m also a sucker for the 99 cent kindle deald and I also have a kindle unlimited subscription.

Yes, I keep a paper journal of all the books I’ve bene reading since 2008 along with notes. There is an electronic index of that journal so I can find my notes on books if I want to revisit them.


I’m on book three (Endymion) of the Hyperion Cantos. (I know its old – just catching up.)

I don’t have yearly (or any) reading goals, but I read around 100 books / year. My reading list is whatever I’ve purchased for Kindle and haven’t read yet. I’m a sucker for enthusiastic book reviews and will click off to Amazon to grab the Kindle version in a heartbeat.

Science fiction is my treat when I don’t want to dig into serious books, and for night time, holidays and travel. Mainly though I read history, biography, neurophilosophy, and the annual Man Booker short list. I absolutely avoid pop culture, self help and so-called “productivity” books.

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Right now I’m reading Creativity, Inc. by Amy Wallace and Ed Catmull about Pixar (I’ve been listening to old episodes of Cortex and Myke and Grey talked about it there).

I keep a listing of books I’d like to read in OmniFocus. Starting in 2018 I kept a note with a list of books that I read that year. Originally this was in Bear, but I’m giving iA Writer a spin. Just started the new list for 2019.

Apart from reading I have to do for school I don’t necessarily have goals for reading. I think I’m naturally inclined to read a little bit each day and get through what I can. With that being said I am currently reading a couple books:


Currently, I read The Dictator’s Handbook - Why bad Behavior is almost always good Politics. It explains in a funny, yet knowledgeable way why so much bad things happen in politics. I think CGP Grey’s Rules for Rulers is based on the book. As a political scientist I really enjoy it. But I would recommend it also to people just slightly interested in politics.

As my reading device I use 40% my Kindle, 40% “real” books, and 20% iPad/iPhone Kindle app. Oh and my reading goal for the year is just 12 books, as I spend a lot of free time otherwise (i.e. listening to podcasts, reading articles, sports, gaming…)

I’m currently reading A Philosophy of Loneliness by Lars Svendsen. I do enjoy philosophy and he’s one of my favourite authors.

I read on my iPad, using iBooks. I don’t have goals, but travel a lot and spend my time on the train reading. I often get through a book a week.

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As far as how I read, almost every book I buy these days is an ebook, usually on Kindle. I will occasionally buy a physical hardback book either for certain authors I really like (Neal Stephenson or Neil Gaiman, for instance), because a used physical copy is much cheaper than an ebook, or if it’s something like a coffee table book that benefits from the physical form factor (along these lines I just bought a copy of Typeset in the Future).

Most of my ebook reading is on a Kindle Voyage. I’ll read on my iPad Pro if it’s a graphic novel or something else with lots of color illustrations.

Last October I moved to a new apartment that’s literally right across the street from the city’s nice new central library, and I’ve been trying to take advantage of that. Now I almost always check to see if the library has a copy of something before I buy it. Despite buying mostly ebooks, a much larger proportion of my reading is physical books from the library.


Being a book buff I’ve always tried to read as much as possible, but just haven’t had the time or the energy to read a book, the past couple of years, but since my New Years resolution this year is to make some fundamental changes in my life, I promised myself I would get back to reading at least four books (400+ pages pr. book… at least) each year (I use to read 10+ books a year, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right).

I just started reading Anthony de Mello’s “Awareness”.
This is only 232 pages, but this came as a recommendation from a friend so I’ll give it a shot.

Previously I’ve always read “real” books. I say real because most of my books are paperbacks - I find them real but some apparently think lesser of a paperback than a hardback🙄
Anyway, this is my first attempt at reading books in Apple’s Books, and even though I’m only 31 pages in I kinda like this way of reading, though I think I’ll keep buying some physical books as well. I kinda miss the feel of the paper between my thumb & index finger.
I guess old habits die hard, I guess😂

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Just stick to it and keep on going. :blush: I remember when I were a child/teen where I spent hours reading a single book. Nowadays I struggle to keep concentrating which annoys me. There is something spinning constantly in the back of my mind. It works way better for me if I am in a train/bus. The constant noise somehow shuts off the “daemon”. Also music helps. Grey talked about this phenomenon in a Cortex episode… I don’t know if it is because of the internet and its tiny pieces of entertainment or the constant struggle to “get things (simultaneously) done” my attention span is shorter but I certainly don’t like it… and try to get better at it.

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My hope is 19 books this year. I used to read so much more before our son was born (he’s nearly 6).

Right now I’m in the middle of a bunch of books:

  • Becoming - Michelle Obama

  • Salt Fat Acid Heat - Samin Nosrat

  • Sing Unburied Sing - Jesmyn Ward

  • The Best Cook in the World - Rick Bragg

I’m also reading my kid some Odysseus stories.

I don’t read e-books. I love holding a book and turning the pages. I’ve had a kindle and it just doesn’t stick for me. Though I’m always tempted to try again…

RIght now: “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, paper edition.

I read both physical books and eBooks on my iPad Pro.


Wowzers that is impressive! :exploding_head:

Just wrapped up my 2nd go-through of Atomic Habits, extremely high quality book in terms of useful material. I suspect it will be a book that I reference repeatedly this year.

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I’m lucky enough to get to read a lot as part of my job. I usually read between 50-100 books a year for work. These are usually paper, partly because my annotation system is old school, but also because I find it easier to use my fingers to flip back and forth for endnotes and indexing.

For pleasure, I read a lot on an iPad mini using the Kindle app, though for comics which I read on paper. Because I commute about 10+ hours a week, I also get through a lot of audiobooks (30-40 a year), heavily weighted toward noir detective fiction.

The most recent audiobook I listened to was young adult fiction The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I recommend it highly.

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Just finished reading Philip Roth’s American Pastoral on my Kobo Clara HD tonight. Intense. That guy can pack a lot into a sentence.

Speaking of Philipp Roth… The Plot against America is easily in my top 10 of all time. Great book!

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Do you have any recommendation for noir detective fiction?

Finishing Greg Egan’s Diaspora and next starting Alan Greenspan’s Capitalism in America, A history. I read mostly on the kindle, occasionally on the iPad and iPhone.

I bought this book yesterday and my initial impression is that it is an excellent cookbook with an original approach. (I was inspired to buy it by the series on Netflix.)


I’m not a big believer in fate or getting cues from the universe or anything, but you’re the 3rd person in the last 24 hours to recommend this book (all from separate forums)!

Looks like I’ll be putting this on reading list :sunglasses:

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