What are You Reading?


+1 for the workshop. When he taught at my college I skipped the chance to take his course. I’m still kicking myself.


I’ve got a Paperwhite that is really enjoyable to use, the Oasis is definitely for hardcore reading fans!


I have a Paperwhite, it’s out on loan right now to a friend, but I missed the click of a button from the old original Kindle. Somehow when I read on my iPad I don’t mind that I have to swipe to turn the page because I do that all the time on that device but for plain reading that looks like paper it bothers me for some reason.


Interesting. The intuitive gesture of swiping the page on the more paper-like device is annoying.


Interesting that you mention that, with regards to the iPad. I suspect Apple’s Books application has the page turning animation for folks like you and me who still like that turning of the page experience. While I can just tap to the next page, more often than not I do the swipe gesture, purely because I appreciate that small detail.


I do think this is a big part of why swipe gestures on the iPad are so much better than the Kindle. Instant on-screen feedback is a critical part of the touch interface. I recall a story that during the development of the original iPhone, one apple manager slid a piece of paper across the table with his finger and said that sort of responsiveness and feedback was what they should be aiming for.


I think this is the key, on the paperwhite, the refresh is slow for the new page and sometimes I am not sure the machine got the message. This is partly because I have very dry hands and often touch screens don’t work really well for me. I often have to get my fingers damp to even get the iPad to understand gestures. That may also be part of why I hate trackpads.

The original Kindle click was a tactile feedback that the command was going tobe executed so even though the refresh was a bit slow it worked.

OTOH maybe I should just try to find another battery for my original Kindle…


I’ve read a few - Calypso, Diabetes with Owls, Engulfed in Flames - they are all great and hilarious. You won’t be disappointed!


I really enjoyed Hillbilly Elegy. I read it a few years ago. Very different from my usual fare but it was very well written.


So excited for Hillbilly Elegy, should be done this upcoming week (need to start it).


Reading now: CISSP CBK - Very possibly the dullest tome ever written. :nauseated_face:

Audio book while running: William Gibson’s The Peripheral

I read on my iPad (mostly the Kindle app, some books in Apple’s app). Audio books I listen to using Audible.


Further love for the Kindle Oasis:

  • Just discovered landscape mode. Very nice with the buttons at the bottom.
  • OpenDyslexic font- turned it on and rereading dropped dramatically.



Where do you get your 99 cents kindles?



Lots of kindle books go to 99 cents on occasion, sign up for the daily Amzon e-mails, fully populate your kindle wanted list and you’ll get a notification when a book on your list is reduced in price and you’ll see the daily kindle specials. Usually the 99 cent book specials are for only 24 hours so if you wnat it get it then.


You know, that Kindle Paperwhite looks really cool, and the idea of having loads of books on a device like that has got plenty of upsides. But… I just gotta have the printed version. Hardcover or paperback, doesn’t matter, but I have some need to see the book up on the shelf. It’s not that I’m some snooty collector building a museum, or a pseudo intellectual show off (most of my books aren’t well displayed and would get laughed out of most book clubs anyway!) but I just prefer the feeling of the paper, know what I’m sayin’?

I actually bought one of the early B&N Nook readers which was pretty fun, what, with built-in illumination, lots of storage (had this thing called a “memory card slot” - I know, a term foreign to Apple users :wink: ) and easy wifi downloading, but it just didn’t feel right. I guess I’m just old-fashioned; I have to buy the record or CD too - none of this streaming music for me!

Anyway right now, I’m reading Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life, and my Christmas gifted Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual by Jocko Willink, as sort of a daily affirmation kind of read. I sincerely enjoy and recommend both.


I rotate between fiction and non-fiction. Currently I’m reading some good science fiction. Iain M. Banks, “The Hydrogen Sonata”. I’m a big fan of The Culture series, which apparently isn’t that popular because they are hard to find and generally out of print.


Have you tried James Ellroy?


Not yet. Looks promising, though. Thank you!


Elon Musk is evidently a fan.


OTOH most of them are available on Kindle.