What are you using to rip your bluray discs?

I am using MacX DVD Ripper Pro to rip backup copies of my DVD:s
But what do you all use to rip your Bluray’s to make backup copies of your bluray discs?

I use MakeMKV to extract the main film from Blu-ray discs to back them up. It will also extract DVDs as well. Are you wanting to backup the main film and extras as separate files? If so then MakeMKV will do this. However, if you are wanting to backup the whole disc as a single .iso file it will not do that.


+1 for MakeMKV. I even paid for it although it seems to be in perpetual beta.

Is there a macOS version. Seems to be Windows only?

I don’t do Windows, so there’s definitely a Mac version.

https://www.makemkv.com/download/ has the downloads for each OS.

I use the DVD Fab suite of tools

What Blueray drive is recommended for an iMac?

The one I use is an external USB drive. I am not sure what make or model it is (I am at work and the drive is at home) but I have used a couple of different ones over the years and they have all worked without a problem. The current one is a slim type of drive (like the sort you get in a Windows laptop with a thin tray which pops out to hold the disc) and this is fitted inside an enclosure with two sockets; one for power (provided over USB) and the other for data (standard USB A to USB B cable). The drive came pre-installed in the enclosure by the manufacturer, I did not fit it myself. I will get details for you when I am at home.

I think I looked at whatever OWC was selling at the time, or maybe some other Mac website like Macworld had an article recommending them.

I checked my Amazon history and discovered that the model I purchased in 2014 is still available:

I think it’s about the most basic one you could buy, but it worked fine for me and looks similar enough to my Apple stuff (which I don’t care a lot about beyond not being hideously ugly).

It’s only a reader (not a writer, because I knew I was never going to write Blu-Rays) and it was $80 then and it’s $80 now.

Hello Aardy,
They got a zillion of different versions of their software suite.
If I only need the ripping software for Blu-ray which version do I need?

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Are any of your backups worthy of streaming using plex to the big screen TV you prefer for movies?