What are your experiences with Liner (website highlighting)?


some days ago I stumbled upon Liner which allows for highlighting /capturing text on a website and I wonder how useful it is. Any experiences?


Gets 2.7 stars in AppStore reviews. Very pricey subscription too.


They offered it to me with a 73% discount. There’s no way I would consider the official price but at ~33$/year it is more reasonable.

Good deal. How do others get the offer?

As far as the use case – is there a benefit from marking up websites vs. saving as a PDF and marking up the PDF, or taking clippings with one of numerous tools that support clipping and saving the clipping in your whatever software one stores notes?

Also curious why Tiago Forte might think Evernote would buy this company since Evernote already have a pretty good clipping tool.

I’m not sure about the discount, it just popped up from day one in my account as a “welcome package”.

And the benefit I see is speed and simplicity. Oftentimes I only need one or two interesting paragraphs or even just sentences.

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The discount appears for everyone and again and again as you end your trial. It’s a cheap marketing tactic to get you to subscribe and honestly I find this dodgy.
I am a subscriber but I don’t think I’ll renew. I find the extension slows my browser down, exporting notes is clunky, the app does not seem like it’s seeing any more serious development. Sending stuff I really want to work on to Instapaper works almost as well and export is perfect there.

As for what Tiago Forte thinks… I… will not go there. :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your very helpful assessment! I‘ll stick to my Instapaper workflow then.


Here’s my impression after using Liner for a few weeks. I am looking for a tool that allow me to highlight sentences in a website and to remember it when I come back to the same website .

Liner seems to be the only tool does these well. It has its limitation though. In iOS, when you tap the Share Sheet from a browser and tap Liner, it actually saves the page in Liner app, and you go to Liner app to highlight. That means, it does not remember these highlights in the Safari iOS browser. However, the Liner app keeps track of all your highlights and you can review them from the app.

The Liner app shines on the desktop. I am using Firefox and you just highlight the sentences and click the yellow highlighter when it pop ups. Should you return to this web page some other time, your highlight remains.

The only problem with Liner is the high subscription cost (US$96 / year after 20% discount) and the constant nagging you get on their “sale”. You can wait and they will nag you with a 72% discount off, but it is still very expensive for a highlighter functionality. The free version comes with two highlight colors and 7 highlights per article, which is pretty good, if only their constant “sale” reminder is not so annoying.

The other alternative is the highlight feature in Newsblur RSS website. This is pretty good and it is free except that you have to be already subscribed to the RSS feed of the website you are reading, which does not work mostly as a lot of times, I stumbled upon good reads from my Twitter.

I am not sure if Readwise is another alternative. It sends the highlights to Readwise so it doesn’t show on the browser itself. And, how does multiple highlights in the same web page being handled in Readwise?

Do you have some highlighter tool that you can recommend?