What are your favorite web sites or feeds?

I’m revisiting my feeds in 2023 and trying to move away from things like Apple News. I tried to have one app contain everything but got tired of the ads, performance issues, more ads, content I wasn’t interested in, and even more ads!

So, I’m back to a small, curated list of RSS feeds and using Readwise Reader.

I’m currently enjoying:

Daring Fireball
The Sweet Setup
512 Pixels
24 Letters
Tools and Toys
zen habits
Forte Labs
No Sidebar

What are your favourite or must-read web sites or feeds for 2023?


That’s a good list. I’d add Michael Tsai - Blog, and Six Colors. And the Outside Magazine feed, but that’s not specific to this forum.

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I’d add TidBITS https://tidbits.com


Great suggestions, thanks!

I’m also interested in other realms, so they don’t need to be Mac or tech-related. I’m mainly just curious what folks are reading and finding interesting so that I can build a curated feed.

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Nice list, since 2/3rd of it is made of websites I actively follow, I am trusting you blindly on the ones I don’t know and adding them straight away to my RSS feeds.
Some other suggestions: