What are your most contrary MPU opinions?


Oh, do you mean OmniFocus subscription rumors?

I haven’t heard too much noise about the design of the Mac Pro case around here. I think that it already looks dated. In a couple of years it will look like a $16,000 relic of 2019.

I had heard rumours about Things…

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I dont backup. I dont need to now with icloud.

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Cloud storage doesn’t protect you against stupid user tricks and attacks like ransomware.


To that last point, a timely blog post from this morning:


And yet, we’ve had two instances of it at work, though pre-Catalina. I

'm always astounded at how eagerly and hard users will work to help the bad guys, while being so reluctant to do (or avoid doing) anything that might keep their stuff safe. On the other hand, it keeps me in a job :laughing:


iCloud isn’t a backup. It faithfully replicates whatever you do to another location. File gets corrupted? It’s corrupted on iCloud. File gets deleted? It gets deleted on iCloud. A lesson I learned the hard way five years ago with Dropbox.

If you’re only using iCloud, you’re breaking the 3-2-1 rule of backups.


Found the optimist in the group :wink:


I am a big fan.

Fascinated by those interesting hemispheres. I would like to use a flat plate of them as a seat in my kayak. Drain water. Circulate air.

I also just like the look.

100% agree. If they hadn’t had the marketing and public relationships skills of Jean MacDonald (and a healthy podcast advertising budget) then they would have failed on the bare merits of the actual apps, which are just not good at all.


I don’t understand the love for Drafts. I find it clunky and unattractive. Having said that, I’ m a big fan of MPU and get a lot from it, though some of it does go over my head.


yeah, I couldn’t get it to index in Spotlight. I liked the app but once that happens, I uninstalled it, the developer was helpful but nothing I tried worked. Without spotlight indexing a notetaking app is no good to me.

In my country it’s facebook messanger and WhatsApp or Telegram are exceptions.

I don’t understand MPU’s infatuation with Reeder. Fiery Feeds is so much more powerful and “usable” with its user configured url scheme share options. I remember trying Reeder years ago and the “shares” were hardcoded and some of them were for apps that didn’t even exist anymore.


I’ve been of the mind lately that the podcast has run its course. I’ve listened since 2013, listened to the entire backlog and would listen as soon as an episode dropped for years.

Now I barely listen. I pay for More Power Users but I’m going to cancel; canceled Automators Max too.

Disney Adults are a real thing and in my opinion it’s not a good thing.

I was born after Star Wars was in theaters so I have no love for this but, David, love ya man but ease up on that horse ok?

Star Trek TNG is better than any Star Wars film I’ve ever seen. Apples to Oranges I know.

I don’t care about Google’s ad business because I get so much value for free. I pay for Google Drive, Workspace, and YouTube Premium but I still don’t care.

Not all ads are creepy.

Safari is woefully lacking in basic web functionality that other browsers have. Privacy, IP tracking, blah blah. You know what browser I use? Arc based on Chromium and when I test the privacy of my browser when I run it through the EFF privacy tool it’s one of the most secure they’ve tested so that point is a wash.

PDF Pen is a cluttered hot mess. Same with Omnifocus.

Apps made on the web are real apps. They just are.

React Native apps can be fast and beautiful. Check out the micro.blog client Gluon.

I think that’s it for now lol.


Gosh dang came in hot lol.

I pick and choose episodes more than I ever used to. I find this community the best part of the MPUniverse now.


That was delightfully contrary! Thanks for the fun post.


Yes - I still download and listen each week. - but this community is where I get the best value for sure … also subscribe to the Labs


Ready? …. Syncing with Dropbox across multiple computers is adequate backup.