What are your stories/tales of woe/tales of caution about forgetting something?

I have walked out of the house this morning with my AirPods in my ears, and their case in the house. Only realised when I got to work! Looks like I’ll be learning how long they last on one charge today!

What are your stories of forgetting something, and how you over-came the problem?!

One of my own is going on a work trip to do filming and video work, and leaving my MacBook Pro charger at home. That was a throw money at the problem there. £80 for a MagSafe 2 charger hurt a little for my forgetfulness!

I’ve always bought an extra charger and cable for my Apple Watch and MacBook Pro. I have a set at home and another set at the office. I’m thinking I should just get one more set and just leave it in the backpack just in case.

I also have multiple sets of wired earbuds at the office and house,

I’m too tired of smacking my head when I turn brain dead,

I don’t have the AirPods yet but I imagine I’d like to keep an extra charger case at the office too.

I have one at home, one at work, and one in my travel bag. The only thing I don’t have yet at work is a watch charger, but it’s only about twice a year I’ve wanted or needed one at work so far - so I’ll keep an eye out for sales.

I recently had a moment when I went to the supermarket, put my keys and money in my bag before I left, got back, and then realised I had the keys to my parents’ house in the UK with me. From my iPhone I could ring my keys, and hear them playing their music from the open window - 4 stories up. I now have a blue sticker on the front and back of my UK keys to avoid this happening again. (I keep my keys in a Keysmart Pro so I can ping them - but I didn’t get the Tile subscription yet that pings you when you leave your keys behind!)


Two is one, one is none!

Also, having tech cables (and toiletries) just for travel is a massive win, don’t have to worry you forgot something, don’t have to unpack and set it all up when you get home!


My cautionary tale is a common one. I know I’m supposed to leave my keys in one common place when I’m at home or office. I just keep misplacing them. Last time, I lost the, for about a month and I ran on spare keys. I finally bought the Amazon Tile and have it on the keychain. Anytime I misplace them, I just use the Tile app and just beep for my keys. A real lifesaver for me.

I’ve liked the idea of tiles for ages, and with rumours of apple releasing something similar, I might have to buy!

I’ve done the opposite: I fell asleep wearing my AirPods, they fell out, I got up and grabbed the case. Imagine my disappointment when I opened the case at work. :slight_smile: No recovery from that one.

I can very much sympathise, I feel the pain just imagining it! :laughing:

With my long commute I keep the wired earpods in my backpack just in case.

Twice in my life I have had to buy expensive laptop chargers at my destination. That has gone away with USB-C as I always carry an Anker brick that has 4 type A and a type C. It can keep a MacBook pro operational with a little bit of manual power management and diligence. I also keep two lightning and an apple watch charging cables permanently attached to it.

100% agree on having dedicated travel chargers, cables and toiletries.