What Call Blocking software are you using?

I’ve been using RoboKiller for around a year, generally with good luck. Over the last couple of months it seems it is blocking fewer spam calls. I’ve also noticed notable battery drain attributed to the app.

Any recommendations or comments on experience with other options (eg, Hiya, or others)? I would like to explore other apps. Feedback?

FWIW… based in US with AT&T as my carrier


I switched from RoboKiller to NoMoRobo a couple of years ago and have been about 90% happy with it. Happy enough that I pay the ~$22/year they want. Occasionally it’ll let calls through.

I am planning not to renew it, though. iOS 13’s ability to send non-contact calls to voicemail plus upcoming telecom changes should hopefully end the robocall plague for me.


Robokiller as the calls were getting to be too much last fall. But like @cornchip I’ll probably let it lapse with iOS 13.

NoMoRobo and Hiya.
Calls and texts still get through. Looking forward to those iOS 13 features mentioned.

The spamholes have a new strategy now, they call first, then immediately send a text, “Hi Shawn, this is Dennis, … I would never call to bother you…”

So annoying, and not sure why it’s legal.

Good advice to hang tight for a bit to see how much iOS 13 helps. Thanks

I tried using RoboKiller earlier this month. As far as I can tell, it’s the only one of these solutions that’s supported (or at least claims to be supported) in Canada.

Based on my experiences, I recommend avoiding this one. I was able to get it up and running quite quickly. As I knew going in, voicemails are handled through their app. Though I wasn’t able to figure out a way to specify the voicemail greeting…and switching things back to the way they were was less than trivial (I ended up having to spend some time on the phone with my cell provider).

I opened a ticket with RoboKiller support on June 9 and have yet to receive anything but automated responses.

I installed iOS 13 public beta on my iPhone specifically so I could get the call blocking feature ASAP.

It’s only been a day but it’s already nice to know that if the phone rings, I 100% know the person calling.

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My landline provider (Frontier) gives a free account to NoMoRobo for the landline only. It works great. But in general if I don’t recognize the number or the caller ID name I let it (iPhone or landline) go to voicemail.

NoMoRobo user here. It’s about 80% effective at doing what it’s intended, but I still get the odd stray call number here and there. I don’t know if there’s a perfectly executed solution out there, but this one seems to do the job.