What could replace a 200W Halogen torchiere (floor lamp which point upwards)?

I am of a mind to replace our 200W Halogen torchiere - a floor lamp which point upwards and is a wattage guzzler. Its high wattage light is reflected off our low white ceiling and diffuses indirect light in our tiny 15x15 foot room.

I am researching alternatives which would provide good bright light in most of this space with some of it focused on the desk/computer area. A desk mounted lamp? A set of lights on a track secured the the beams in our ceiling? Adding a dimming feature would be a bonus.

What are ideas and solutions which do not cost an arm and a leg?

Is it possible to replace the socket assembly on the torchiere with a standard bulb assembly (3 way switch would be my choice) and use an LED bulb for your needs? Might be the least expensive route to follow.

Installing a LED Track lights would allow you to highlight specific areas but at a higher cost. You may also need to hire an Electrican.

is you are using 200 W halogen, is it something like this ?

I think it is very energy inefficient and generate a lot of heat and can be a fire hazard too if toppled

I strongly suggest you replace with LED lights that is both energy efficient, bright and the LED last forever

depending on how bright you want (number of lumens) , may be this is one option


Expensive but looks really nice.

What socket has the old lamp?
For the most sockets, there are LED-Replacements today…

You lose a lot of light just bouncing off the ceiling, even though it is white. We replaced our torchieres with conventional floor lamps that now all have led bulbs. They are smart bulbs and are dimmable.

If you are at all DIY inclined, there are good videos on YouTube that explain how to rewire older halogen torchere lamps to run an LED panel. I’d rate the level of difficulty for this project as advanced beginner.

There are lots of LED replacement bulbs for the halogen bulb in your light fixture. Check on Amazon and you’ll find some for around $20.

I replaced the hot halogen torchiere lamp in my office with this one.

The main light has a 3-way switch so you can select bright levels. It adequately lights a 12x12 room, The single brightness sidearm light is pointed towards my desk and is great for focused tasks. The overall quality is great and it works great for my office.

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