What Creative Projects Have You Done With Your Apple Gear?


What creative projects have you completed on your Apple gear?

I’d love to read about (and see/hear) any creative projects that MPU listeners have created using their Apple gear. It could be anything; a photo, a book, a song, a video, a web site, a game, or whatever. Show us what you made and tell us a bit about how you made it.

Please share your creations here!

For my own part, my most recent creative project was inspired by a couple of things:

  1. The news that Voyager 2 has entered inter-stellar space
  2. The fact that Apple created their recent iPad Pro advertisement videos completely on the iPad Pro itself

The Voyager 2 news inspired me to write a poem about the awe-inspiring journey of Voyager 2, and I had the idea to write it from the perspective of Voyager 2 itself - I wondered what it might thinking out there on its own in inter-stellar space, doing its duty on behalf of human-kind.

The Apple iPad Pro ad campaign inspired me to try to turn that poem into a song, and then a video using only the iPad Pro.

Anyway, you can hear the song on YouTube here:

The Ballad of Voyager 2

The main apps I used were Drafts for the poem/lyrics, Garageband for the song, LumaFusion for the video, and Safari/Shortcuts/Dropbox to capture the robotic voice clips and the video snippets. It may not be the greatest song/video ever, but I do feel quite satisfied that I managed to make it all on a 10.5” iPad Pro over the course of just a few hours.

It’s amazing to think that the iPad Pro probably has around 2 million times more computing power than Voyager 2! So when comparing a trivial song to a robotic voyage out into the cosmos, I think it’s pretty obvious which has the better achievement per computing cycle ratio. :slight_smile:

Anyway, what creations have you produced with your Apple gear?


Oh, that was fantastic! I enjoyed it very much, thanks for creating it and sharing here. That was a very nice thing to watch while waking up. I’ve got a few paintings of various nebula that I’ve done with Procreate on the iPad will share them after I finish my first cup of coffee.


These were each based on a photo and painted in Procreate. Each one over the course of about a week, about 24-26 hours per painting. I’ve seen almost all of these through my 12” reflector telescope which is also a nice view but not nearly as colorful or as detailed. The exception is the Horsead nebula which is notoriously difficult to see. I know I’ve had it in my eyepiece but not actually sure I’ve ever seen it and I’ve tried for many hours, many different nights. One day!

The Orion Nebula:

A portion of the Eagle Nebula with Pillars of Creation

Close-up of the Pillars of Creation

The Lagoon Nebula

A close-up infrared view of the Horsehead Nebula

Progression of a painting of a wide-field view of the a nebula complex in Orion, Horsehead nebula very tiny in this one, towards the bottom middle.


Wow! Those are stunningly good!


My wife uses her iMac for converting pictures into embroidery files to use on her sewing machine. She made a quilt for her sister that included embroidered pictures of her dogs in the quilt.


Wow, such creative uses. I’m impressed!


Sounds great! My mum does a similar thing by making cross-stitch patterns from photos of her grandchildren.


This is a bit old, but also this may be the right place…

Drawn in Graphic on the original iPad Pro 12.9.


@glenthompson — what software and what sewing machine is she using?


She uses Stitch Buddy and Embrillance on a Husqvarna Diamond. Also Sew-What.


Too many to name. Here are two images I created using Frax on my new iPad Pro.


I coded some of that stuff back when learning programming…on Apple IIs and C64s.


Very cool. I used to use fractal programs back in the day, on a Centris 610, which didn’t have an FPU. I used an FPU emulator and would let the image render overnight. :joy:


I had my C64 run overnight to render 320x200 fractals…one sometimes they weren’t done. :smiley:

After all, the processor had a clock speed of ~1MHz.