What CRM software and why?

Hello, fellow power users!

I need a CRM for my new role in a company. It is a small magazine and I am in the sales department. I am using OmniFocus and fantastical now, but I feel like I could benefit from a good CRM. I am planning to hire two more salespeople this year and a CRM would be nice to have in play. Thanks in advance!

Daylite by Marketcircle

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There are so many options. What have you tried so far? How many leads and contacts are you managing? Are you looking for any kind of automation?

there are SO many options! I am trying daylite, hubspot, salesforce and cloze.

I have about 80-100 leads and contacts. And, yes.

Hi, I have been using Zoho crm for years now, it can be very over the top but once you get your head around the way it works you can get some great information from it and help keep track of customers

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How is it going, Joshua? Have you made any decisions? I hadn’t heard about Daylite in a long time, and Cloze looks intriguing, but I worry about small startup companies like that. Would love to hear your insight as I’ll be facing this process soon. Thanks!

I ended up creating my own CRM within Airtable.

Not sure if I love it yet.