What “deal” sites do you follow?

For years I have followed dealnews.com (mostly because in the bad old days there was dealmac,com), however I recently came to the realization that I haven’t taken advantage of their “deals” for months (at least). What other such sites are good?

I check woot.com every morning. They have all kinds of random stuff on there.

I buy too many movies and one of the main culprit is CheapCharts it routinely suckers me into buying movies and books and it does music, iOS apps as well. What I like is it’s easy to identify whether a sale prices is the lowest it has ever been by a yellow price designation and pricing history is shown so you know the frequency of sales.

Discchord lets me know what’s new in music production apps and what’s on salesSlickdeals can filter a bunch of product categories …I mainly just have it check for storage deals and general computing stuff.

Woot for the random items they popup with. Gotten a lot of refurbished items from them. There’s also Woot’s successor Meh started by the guy that created Woot then sold it to Amazon. Humble Bundle for the occasional book bundle deal. They have a lot of games but I don’t care for them. Everything from cookbooks to Unix.

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Including the Apple Pencil 2 for $109.99 right now!

I have https://twitter.com/WirecutterDeals and https://twitter.com/9to5toys/ in Feedbin in a Folder called “Deals”.

That way I don’t have them cluttering up my timeline, and I can scan through it at the end of the day and see if anything catches my eye.

The only problem is that they are very high traffic, so if I don’t do it every day, I pretty much have to “Mark All as Read” and hope I didn’t miss something I really would have liked.

Amazon price tracking at camelcamelcamel

Kindle book tracking at eReaderIQ

Lots of search/filter options for movies etc (including iTunes) at Blu-ray.com

Book bub. Cheap ebooks. $3 at the most.

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Hotukdeals.com for the UK. This site has cost me thousands over the years