What do you like on Apple TV+?

Just watched Wolfwalkers and really enjoyed it. Same with Long Way Up (and it’s predecessors, Long Way Round and Long Way Down, which Apple has licensed).

Also liked For All Mankind, The Morning Show last fall. Looking forward to new season next year.

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So far Ted Lasso is my favorite program on ATV+, and I enjoyed all three of the Long Way _ programs. I didn’t think I would care for Mythic Quest but I did, especially Ep. 10 Quarantine. The Morning Show was pretty good, and Greyhound was great. I had enjoyed the original Amazing Stories and thought the new ones were good. But there is not enough content for me to stay subscribed once my (extended) free year ends. I’ll try it again after they build up some new content.

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Ted Lasso not so much because of the sport theme but rather the location. Have spent many trips to London drinking with mates at pubs near Ted’s flat.

Ghost Writer is a good reboot of a series my younger siblings watched growing up.

More kids shows I watched to recommend for my young nephews are Doug Unplugs, Stillwater, and Wolfwalkers.

For adults, I liked Amazing Stories, Central Park, Mythic Quest.

I’m partially into Morning Show and have Dickinson on the list.


Loved ‘Home’. Documentary looking at design and buildings but it turns out to be much more than that. I was hooked from first episode.


We worked our way through the three Long Way X series and enjoyed them tremendously, especially the most recent (X=“Up”). Each one of them featured people and parts of the world that were fascinating and often very beautiful.

Wolfwalkers is from Cartoon Saloon, which receives praise for its stories and animation techniques. Looking forward to that and other features.

Other favorites so far are Little Voices, The Elephant Queen, The Banker, Little America, and Greyhound.

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Ted Lasso is the only fiction series I enjoyed on Apple TV+. I tried a few others but never got past 2 episodes. Mostly, their series are fine but never seem worth the investment in time to me.

I liked Tiny World and am now watching and enjoying Earth at night in colour. And also really liked Fireball with Herzog’s idiosyncratic narration. Long Way Up was fun too if a little light.

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My ears stop working after listening to Werner Herzog for more than 2 minutes :sunglasses:

The Tom Hanks naval World War II movie Greyhound was fantastic!

Conversely, I have to admit that I’ve watched very few of the regular series shows, aside from For All Mankind.

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I’ve read good things about “For All Mankind”. But I listened with my classmates to Alan Shepard’s flight and followed every mission until Cernan, Schmitt, and Evans returned from the moon. Just not interested in an alternative history.

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Thoroughly enjoyed Ted Lasso. I went from watching an episode here and there to binging the entire last half of the season in one night.

For All Mankind was excellent as well, but a bit of a slow burn.

I liked Long Way Up but was disappointed with it from the point where they got the bus in Mexico through to the end. It also felt like they played it very safe with the whole thing, and while I applaud their attempt to make a point with the electric bikes, I feel neither Ewan & Charley, nor their support crew, nor Harley Davidson, adequately tested & prepared for doing the trek that way. That was a gateway into me watching Long Way Round, which I thought was much more “authentic” and I’m looking forward to Long Way Down. I’m curious to see if the final episode of that is similar to the other two, in that several hundred miles were completely skipped over.

I tried to watch Defending Jacob but quit after the first episode. It was far too stressful for me.

The story did take a turn at that point, but I understood it. Areas of northern Mexico where I used to drive alone at night 20 years ago are now listed on a “Do Not Travel” advisory by the State Department.

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Ted Lasso - really the only show I left my wife behind in terms of watching together. Great story.

Central Park - I’m a sucker for cartoons

Servant - good twists


Series we got all the way through (which means both my wife and I liked):
Dickinson, The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, Amazing Stories, HOME, little america

Films, Specials:
Greyhound, Hala, Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special (this won’t become a clasic)

In process:
Earth at Night, Tiny World

On The Rocks

Most of the dramas are too “dark” for us.

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All of them. :slight_smile:

Surprised no one said Tehran. Excellent show if you’re into spy thrillers!


I’ve seen and like the first two episodes. Looking forwards to finishing it up. I just got distracted by The Clone Wars

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The Morning Show
Mythic Quest
Ted Lasso

I haven’t checked any of the shows or movies besides those mentioned above but been meaning to check Long Way Up. Not really interested with alternative history so not interested with For All Mankind.

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I really liked Ted Lasso. Got halfway through The Morning Show. Didn’t like seeing Steve Carrell as a sex predator. Martin Short was very creepy. Liked Little Voice a lot. Defending Jacob was pretty good. Greyhound was OK, too technical for me, just seemed like a lot of yelling of coordinates.

I’m personally excited to see if “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” comes to Apple TV+ anytime soon.