What do you think about mail.com

Hi Team,

I would like to know your inputs regarding mail.com I see that I did find an nice email with my name without any crazy dots or numbers. Also, I created an alias with another domain name for things over the internet, for example linuxmail.org with something that will not use my name and I can use all over the internet. Have anyone used this service before?


They have a mixed record.


It’s been around forever as a webmail service, but it’s reputation is as a 3rd-rate one. Not sure if I remember this correctly but I had an email.com account around 25 years ago and I think mail.com bought them out, migrated users… and the service went to hell, and I bailed.

I think you have to ask yourself what you want to get from any new email provider that you’re not getting from the one you already have. In the case of mail.com, I’d guess the answer would be “Not much.”

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