What do you use to store your store loyalty cards on your iPhone?

My wallet is just full of store loyalty cards. I do use the majority of them often enough to want to carry them around with me, but I don’t want to be carrying 30 cards around all the time (add up store cards, credit cards, ID, etc, and pretty soon it’s a hefty stack of cards).

Is there a app that that works well for this purpose? I recall using something like “StorCard” some years ago, but I don’t recall if it worked well at the time or not.

Is the Apple Wallet app a better place for this?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Just for reference, it was Stocard. (I’m not using it currently but some friends are happy with it.)


Thanks. Are you using something else, or just using physical cards?

I use Stocard for this. I wouldn’t say I love it, but it works.

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Thankfully most loyalty cards we use can take a phone number instead of swiping the actual plastic. Maybe see how many of them you could actually get rid of?

I only carry about 6 cards in my wallet, and only one is loyalty - Starbucks. It doubles as a payment method, though I can’t actually remember the last time I swiped it, they usually just scan the app on my phone.

I tried Stocard and didn’t like it much. I am currently using mobile-pocket:

I have a couple of store Apps which contain barcodes and rewards which i use directly at the till. Also, I have a petrol reward card stored in my iPhone Wallet and Apple Watch.

I use stocard but for really commonly used ones I make screenshots and create large lock screen widgets (via widgetsmith), scanning the barcodes directly from the home screen. Avoids opening the app. Stocard’s widget is also quite helpful.

Exactly my thoughts. Sort of a low-budget version of Wallet, it’s been a nice asset to have on my Apple Watch whilst shopping.

I’ve used Stocard for years. Integrates very well with Apple Watch. BTW, I live in Thailand and have had no trouble using it for the loyalty cards I have.

@nlippman it is an app. You scan the cards and it enters it into the app. You can also enter manually.

I use StoCard. Works well enough. It has a watch app that I use most of the time. One account for me an wife so all cards are available to both of us.

+1 for StoCard. And being able to pull up the barcode on my Apple Watch is so easy.

I currently use Barcodes but most cards I have are just linked to my phone number so I do that.

Thanks everyone! I will look into StoCard and Barcodes!