What do you use to watch BluRay discs on your Mac?

I’m probably one of the few who still watches DVDs and BluRay discs on my Computer.
I will eventually get them digitized do I can watch them via a media server from my Synology.

Sometimes I like watching a movies while I’m working.
Tonight I put a Blu-ray Disc in an external player on my M1 Macmini. I tried watching it with VLC but a codec error was displayed.

What SW do you use to watch BluRay discs on your Mac?

I have no personal experience on a M1 Mac, but you should be fine with VLC as long as you install MakeMKV, too. MakeMKV will provide you with the codecs you need:

Open MakeMKV and go to Preferences > Integration . In the list of eligible apps under the Integration tab in MakeMKVs Preferences, check the box next to VLC, and then click OK. MakeMKV can share the tools it uses to decrypt Blu-ray discs with other apps, most notably VLC.


I have MakeMKV installed, I’ve ripped a lot of my DVDs with it.
I’m not sure why the codec. Isn’t working though, I’ll look into it.

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Turning the the VLC integration off and on again in MakeMKV might do the trick.

Otherwise, it might be a compatibility issue with the M1 architecture. If you find a solution please report back. I am so looking forward to my first Mx Mac (hopefully later this year) and this might be an issue for me, too. :slight_smile:

Just to make sure that people know where to find this in MakeMKV’s preferences:

I haven’t tried it recently (I have ripped all of my Blu-Rays to MKV and don’t add too many all that often) but it has always worked well for me.


Makemkv just isn’t stable enough. I’ve been posting messages in the makemkv forum about this since Feb.
The options to enable makemkv decrypt for vlc and handbrake are always disabled.

I’m tired of this instability. Is there a working/reliable commercial prgram

This check boxes are always disabled for me.

I haven’t used it for a few years, but Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro worked for me in the past, and their support department was quite responsive when I had issues.

I had actually forgotten about it until you asked.