What do you use your Synology NAS for

Hi folks, seems like a lot of you are using a Synology nas. Can you share what you use it for. Synology offers a lot of features but I only use storage as a data dump for files I want to access locally via iOS and Mac OS but not share in iCloud and webdav server.

File storage, backups, and Plex Server.

  • Pi Hole Server
  • MinIO server for backup
  • An always on Resilo Sync node
  • Plex server for streaming to Apple TV
  • SFTP server to access files from outside
  • SMB server for file sharing

I’m considering setting up WebDAV so I can setup sync with Zotero but haven’t got around to it as Resilo works well at the minute. Just that I can’t then use Zotero on iOS to access the PDF files.

Used to do PiHole, but moved to a Firewalla Gold that has similar and more functionality.

  • Storage
  • Backups (additional copy of photos)
  • Have a few Docker containers running
  • A Microsoft Windows VM (just in case I need it)
  • Time Machine backups for all Macs
  • Storage of Music library (addressed by a Roon Rock server)
  • Plex Server (for Movies and Music)
  • Synology Drive (Homebased Dropbox solution w/ sync between all Macs and iOS devices)
  • Cloudsync (local copy of Dropbox, OneDrive, Backblaze B2 and AWS S3) - I actually sync my Dropbox with NAS and use Synology Drive to Sync with my Macs to prevent having to install Dropbox client)
  • Web server

Storage for all of my music and movies
SynologyDrive (everything on my MBPro is in a folder sync’d via SynologyDrive)
TimeMachine backups
Clone repository
CloudSync of my Dropbox (free) account
Home Assistant to connect non-HomeKit devices

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I m probably an outlier here, but I actually like the surveillance app. Lots of people will complain about the pricing scheme for adding licenses (you get two for free), but I really only need two cameras for recording purposes so it doesn’t bother me. A couple of years ago I was able to share with the police a decent quality night photo of some thieves breaking into cars. My main purpose though with the Synology is file storage, back ups, and sharing.

Firewalla looks like an interesting Product.
Used to use Synology drive as well but use iCloud now for sync and file manager to access the files and backups stored in the nas

-File Server (I actually like the Synology apps, and the drive app integrates very well) for multiple users and family
-Plex server for Infuse on apple TV
-Time Machine Backup
-Offsite backup of Synology data to remote Synology data
-automatic OCR of PDF (run docker and files that go to a specific folder get OCR my tesseract in background and then moved to folder pre-assigned when done)
-photo/video backup
-photo/video organization via Synology photos app
-docker running calibre server
-docker running calibre web (prettier plex-like ebook interface which does support direct upload)

Interesting, great use for Synology NAS.

Can you share how you set up tesseract ocr engine and use it in the Synology NAS?

I use it for some of the above use cases, but I also run Homebridge on it in a Docker container. I found it much easier to set up than when I set up Homebridge on my Mac Mini server a few years ago, although that could be due to improvements in Homebridge,

Sorry, looks like a typo.

But I use OCRmyPDF docker image and watchdog docker. You load in up, point to the folder and let it run. Lots of options to clean up pdf, etc. It uses the Tesseract engine and is pretty fast (considering it’s running on synology low power chip).

There are some more UI based addins to do this manually as well with docker/synology but I find that harder than the watched folder setup above.