What does your Safari toolbar look like?

What does your Safari toolbar look like?

Aside from the fact that the Wipr Extra Button always comes back this is pretty much how I keep my toolbar.

I haven’t really worked Group Tabs or the Sidebar at all into my workflow

  1. Back / Fwd
  2. Share Button
  3. AdGuard Assistant
  4. iCloud Tabs
  1. New Tab
  2. Home Page
  • URL Bar -
  1. 1Password Ext.
  1. Add to Pocket
  2. Downie Ext.
  3. Open in IINA

It’s pretty minimal/standard. I did remove Wipr because the orange is annoying. DevonThink and the share sheet are the most-used buttons up there.

I keep it default. I found Wipr Extra slowed things down, so I disabled it, and only use the content blockers.

I’d use the compact tab bar if the click target was as big as the tab button instead of the title text, and if I could click tabs while Safari is unfocused, like I can with the “Separate” tab layout.


  • Stop The Madness
  • uBlacklist
  • 1Password
  • Velja
  • URL Linker
  • Wipr

Default toolbar but for extensions: 1Password, Wipr, Keepa, Vinegar.

Like this:

This is what I’m working with (icons: Instapaper and Devonthink):

I have the Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons. Apart from that, a couple of extensions specially Markdownload that I use as a webclipper.