What Fine Apps Are You Drifting Away From?


Moving away from Evernote to DEVONthink


Are these two apps not orthogonal to each other?


I left BBEdit for PhpStorm, which is IMHO a much better and smarter editor for my Web development needs.


BBEdit - All my web sites are Wordpress now and I don’t use it anymore.
Photoshop - I can do everything I need to my photos in LightRoom
Photoshop Elements - Used to use to make smaller files for web sites. Not needed now.
Evernote - Never really got into it at all so no loss there
MailSteward - never got it to work properly so went with a manual DEVONThink system for e-mail archiving
OmniOutliner - Thought it could be used for repeating lists but it hasn’t worked out well so still stuck with SplashShopper


I‘m always thinking of moving away from Devonthink. I don’t really need it but I still think I might someday. It makes some stuff more complicated (saving a new file e.g.) but others easier (web clipping). Didn’t decide yet.


Agenda would be awful for being the “everything” organizational note app, but I’m loving it for transient notes. I have a project for each client, and I type my meeting notes in a new note in that project automatically added to the calendar. The result are effortlessly transient notes I never have to file or delete or clear out when closing a program, and the 10% of the time I actually need to refer back to one, it’s there.


I finished my migration from SimpleNote this year. I used it heavily between 2010 and 2016, but since Apple Notes got its upgrade I decided to move everything to Apple Notes. I’m really thankful to Automattic for buying the project and keeping it going, and I didn’t doubt it would continue, but I feel more comfortable keeping sensitive information between iCloud’s 2FA and on secure devices.


Yes, but prefer DEVONthink, because it is not web base product & it is a one time charge. Also talked to many people, stating DEVONthink is a more powerful tool.


I’m moving to DEVONthink & away from Evernote. I have heard many good things about DEVONthink, eg. one time charge, not a web base program, more tools, but does have a mild learning curve. So I purchased, Take Control of GETTING STARTED with DEVONthink 2, to help me with the program. Rosemary Orchard suggested purchasing the book.


Evernote> DevonThink> KeepIt
KeepIt may hang around and become entrenched.


Interesting. I went Devonthink>EagleFiler on macOS a couple of years ago but keep side-eyeing KeepIt as a potential cross-platform solution. (I am up-to-date on Devonthink, but I just don’t like the UI or the implacable devs.)


I think that for my needs the Finder could maybe be enough, but then I‘d some tool to capture webpages easily (maybe a plug-in?).


This makes so much sense. I’m tired of burning mental cycles about apps. Any advice?


I like Keep It. But man. It seems like it’s one guy. That freaks me out a little.


Not sure that I “need” either Devon or KeepIt. But I wanted to pull some files out of Evernote so I invested time in learning DT. Just didn’t like it. This was an iOS experience.

KeepIt did what I wanted without clunk or clunky feelings. Notice lots of feeling words … nothing to do with good or evil.

Now, I keep stashing PDF manuals in KeepIt. Expect it to be around for some time tocome.


Apps that I’ve stopped using: Ulysses, Airmail, Spark, OmniOutliner, Dropbox

Apps that I’ve started using again: OneNote

My OneNote usage has increased dramatically over the last month or so as my current project at work is collaborating heavily using Teams/SharePoint and the Office 365 apps. There’s about a 50/50 split between Windows and Mac users and the Microsoft suite works seemlessly across both platforms.

Now that DEVONthink syncs to iCloud I have no real need for Dropbox anymore. A few iOS apps that use it for syncing/backup at that’s about it. For cloud storage, I have OneDrive Personal and OneDrive for Business accounts, each with 1TB of storage.

I’m trying to reduce app usage generally where I can, in order to remove the dilema of where to write and/or store something. Immediate stuff goes into OneDrive and reference and archive material goes into DEVONthink.


I have too many options: Agenda, Bear, Ulysses, Drafts, Notes, etc.


I’m still trying to figure this out. I’ve been using Notability on the iPad to handwrite notes. I find myself having to export each note individually to a PDF. As I type this, I’m starting to think, I should just switch to Microsoft Word to take notes…


I think the pocket casts update was just brilliant.


When Newton closed I moved to Airmail. Now I’m thinking of moving back to Mail. Its not playing nice with Spamsieve and I am losing mail between different devices.