What forum software does Mac Power Users employ?

I’ve noticed that Mac Power Users, Automators, Obsidian and Keyboard Maestro forums all look the same in the top right menu. Does anyone know what software package is running these? Is there a way to find out somewhere in a forum? I dug around in the settings and found no branding of the software service.

I’m thinking of setting some Stream Deck buttons and like the consistent shortcuts.


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It’s Discourse, he said in 20 characters.

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Thanks. I’ve heard the name “Disourse,” but didn’t know what people were referring to… Now I do!


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… and then there is Discord, which Obsidian and others use in parallel to Discourse and run two forums. Discord recently said “thanks, but no thanks” to a $10-12 U.S.D billion purchase offer from Microsoft, which places a “forum” software provider at a higher market cap than the GDP of around 50 countries (individually).


Yes, I thought it was strange the Obsidian was running two forums, trying to figure out if I wanted to follow both.

To me, Discord is like stripped down version of Slack: no threads (but you can ‘reply to certain chat item’), you cannot ‘Save chat item for later’, and it’s not clear whether your chat item replied by others & whether you are directly mentioned. Other way to see it is multi-topic chats.

The Discourse forum is fine IMHO. I think “Obsidian” (and “Ray Wenderlich”, and “Sublime”) also employ Discord in the need of ‘faster’ direct reply and dynamic messaging for development purpose.

Many online forums use Discourse due to its simplicity and modern look.

The Discourse developers even have an online Discourse forum of their own! :smile:


Another tip from someone who follows a lot of discourse forums (and uses iOS or iPadOS) is to use this app Fig which brings all those forums together and notifies you of all replies, etc.


You could also use the official Discourse app.


Beyond consistent shortcuts, I was thinking some sort of aggregator would be nice.

Thanks for the suggestions!