What happened to 'Home Videos' in iTunes?

Years ago I had a bunch of homemade movies in the ‘Home Videos’ area of iTunes.

Then, a few OS’s ago, Apple launched the TV app and it appears there is now a ‘Home Videos’ section in there.

However, my home videos seem to have gotten lost in the transition. I noticed this a while ago but never did anything about it as I was too busy. I just figured they be on my machine somewhere. Now I’ve done some digging but can’t find any of my home videos anywhere… Surely Apple wouldn’t have deleted these files?

Has anyone else run into issues like this?

FWIW I just checked on my Mac and mine made the transition just fine.

So I wasn’t able to find the files. Fortunately I had a clone of my drive from a few years ago and managed to restore them all. Thanks MPU for the tips on how to do this!