What happened to Software of the Month Club?

Haven’t seen a post in this regard for a while or did I miss them?

Such things are hard to keep rolling in the long run, especially when everyone is busy playing with apps being productive :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha. Good one :smile:

I don’t think this was ever a formal thing, just forum members posting. And of the two folks who seemed to take point, at least for the time I’ve been a member of the forum, one took his ball and went home, and the other was busy getting a PhD. :slight_smile:

Anyone can kick off the process, by starting a thread asking for suggestions. And then open a new thread on or around the first of the intended month for the suggestion with the most likes.

It would be nice if this could be tied into the “Software Club” posdast episodes, but I don’t hold much hope for that.