What happens to App updates after Migrating from an Intel Mac

If you use Migration Assistant, I’m assuming that it pulls Intel Apps across from your old computer.

At your next app update will you get the M1 version or will it stay on the Intel Track?

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Seems to me I got messages telling me to trash some apps and download again from the App Store for those apps that had Apple Silicon or universal versions available. But I recall doing a Get Info on all my files in the Application folder looking for “Intel Apps” and then downloading new versions of some of them from their developers. The few Intel apps that I have continued to run have not caused any problems. If they were a good app before, they have continued to be a good app on Apple Silicon (via Rosetta 2).


I’ve just been downloading apps manually from devs (very of mine are App Store apps) when I can find them. Many still haven’t converted but they’ve become the minority from what I can tell.

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