What happens when a software dev goes silent? (Weather station related)

For years, I’ve been a happy user of WeatherSnoop from Tee-boy Software, a small shop out of Louisiana (I’m 99% sure it’s one guy named Boisy). This is what I use to upload my weather station data from my Davis Vantage Vue in the backyard, to the WeatherUnderground every 10 seconds or so for the last 8(?) years.


I bought a new Mac mini to replace my 2006 model. Moving from Snow Leopard straight to Mojave! So I needed a new version of Weather Snoop… and I’m happy to pay another $60 for it.

But when I wrote in for help, to make sure I could migrate my data from v2 to v4, my messages keep getting bounced… I’ve written in 3 times over the course of a month. I reached him over the winter once, to ask a purchase question… and now, my emails are literally being returned as “undeliverable” and there’s no other way to get in touch… no social, no phone number, no web-based forums.

What’s a guy to do? I don’t want to buy a new copy and not be able to migrate, or if I hit a bug and there’s no one to address it in the future. Which brings up the question on succession plan for small developers…

Anyone hear know anything about Tee-boy? Any users of WeatherSnoop? (I am aware that Jason Snell uses WeatherCat which appears to still be developed, and various other FOSS options.)

Maybe he’s on holiday :smile: Maybe he’s shuffled off this mortal coil :frowning:

If you can use you old mac for a while you might want to wait. His Mac Mini server is still spinning so there is still hope:


Never seen that web site before, pretty cool.

Maybe he stopped developing his software, because Weather Underground has deprecated it’s weather API at the end of February.

I had to find another provider to get my weather information from. You are still able to upload your weather information to them, but I don’t know if that API changed and an update to your software is needed to use the new API.

The API for getting weather information did change and there are no free tiers anymore. Only owners of weather stations that upload weather information to Weather Underground can get free weather information, but they need to use the new API, which basically means a rewrite of their software.

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you can always run a clone of your old mac in a VM just for this purpose maybe?
Just until you get an answer?

There are alternative packages so if he doesn’t come through you won’t be completely stranded. I know a lot of folks run WeeWX on RaspPi, Windows, Mac, etc with Vantage hardware.

I mean, the site’s on at a collocation service, so as long as he’s paid up…

My understanding is there’s a difference between the APIs we’re talking about. My old, 2006 era software is still running and my data is still actively and successfully uploading to WU on 2-gen old software. So it appears that API has not been deprecated. However, WU uploaders have access to data (download from WU) via API as well. I am not using this.

Certainly possible, but I don’t want to install and maintain the VM software.


My main concern is bringing along my 8 years of weather data forward into the new solution. Simply upgrading and continuing to support small developers is the easiest route to accomplish this. If I figure this thing all out, however, I’m going to thoroughly explore what the export options for my data are, so I have continuity options going forward.

This looks like his personal site and this looks like his Twitter account based on this article.

Good luck.

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Way to go detective!

His personal site and weathersnoop.com have the same ip address. They are virtuals on the same server.

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I am happy to report that Boisy’s alive! He had some sort of email delivery issue. He’s helping me out now.

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