What iOS versions support Siri Shortcuts

I want to share a shortcut with my colleagues that I got some help with creating on this forum. It’s a shortcut that makes it very fast to contact both parents of pupils on text message.

They don’t all have iOS devices but those that do know nothing about Siri Shortcuts so I have to do the installations.

My question is what iOS devices and iOS operating systems are supported by Siri Shortcuts?

I don’t have a Mac anymore. But which MacOS support Siri Shortcuts if it has come to the Mac at all yet…

Siri Shortcuts came out with iOS 12. If you built the shortcut on iOS 13 though my understanding is it won’t work on iOS 12. https://www.reddit.com/r/shortcuts/comments/d92la7/ios_12_13_shortcuts_cross_compatibility/f1enylp/

Shortcuts isn’t on the Mac yet.


Thank you for your reply Aaron and welcome to the forum :pray:t2:

Can anyone confirm that shortcuts created on iOS12 don’t work on iOS13 and iPadOS?