What iPad OS 15 Widgets Have you Placed on your iPad?

I have weather, 2 Reminders Widgets (experimenting with the new Reminders), Calendar, Notes, and Photos.

So I installed iPadOS 15 on my iPad Pro 2021 and I still cannot run Final Cut or Logic Pro on it… what am I doing wrong?


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On Homepage 1 I have Carrot Weather, Omnifocus (Personal Tasks), Battery display and Photos

On Homepage 2 I have OmniFocus (Work Tasks) and Calendar.

On Homepage 4 I have Spark and Telegram

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  • World Clock
  • Weather
  • Sorted
  • Things
  • News
  • Mail VIP
  • Battery
  • Siri Suggested Apps

My Home Screen has been all widgets since July or so.

Top row:
2x1 world clock, 1x1 citizen app, 1x1 weather, 2x2 calendar
2nd row:
2x1 Siri apps, 1X1 Breathable AQI, 1X1 Find My (wife), bottom half of calendar
3rd row:
4x2 photos, 1x1 Cloud Battery, 1x1 Screentime
4th row:
Bottom of photos, and 1x2 Marvis

Too much personal info. to easily post a screenshot :slight_smile:

Top Left: Stacks of Apple Music, Siri Recommended, Files Browser, Shortcuts
Top Right: Fantastical
Bottom Middle: Spark email
Bottom Right: Todoist.

I don’t have Widgets on my 22nd home screen.

I went with all widgets on my home screen(s) on my phone once I could do that with iOS 14, and actually installed the beta of iOS 15 on my iPad—for the first time ever, I think—as I wanted to be able to do that on my iPads.

I teach at a university and what I like to do is have one page of widget items per course, with each page looking like this (it’s a work in progress, of course):

  • I use Sticky Widgets to have an item that essentially serves as a ‘title’ for the particular home screen, as I teach multiple courses.
  • I have a Fantastical calendar widget.
  • I have multiple Craft note widgets. Some are specific notes for the course that I need quick access to, while I also use the ‘today’ note from the daily notes feature for start up and shut down activities.
  • I have multiple Drafts widgets for notes/actions.
  • I use an OmniFocus to show me the course perspective.
  • I use the MindNode widget, as I do lots of planning in that app, so it’s handy to be able to acess those documents.
  • There’s also Timery, the Files widget pointing to a specific folder, and the Shortcuts widget. (One reason I use the Shortcuts widget is to simply have one button access to a particular Folder in Ulysses. I wish that app had its own widgets.)

Suggestions welcome for what I might be missing.