What is a good menu bar event countdown timer app?

There are certain events where I would like to know, at a glance, how many days from the current date until the event. I don’t need to know anything more granular than the number of days for my purposes, but it’s fine if it has the hours and/hour minutes as well.

Think of events like an anniversary, a holiday, closing date for a home, a wedding day, an annual sale like the Steam Summer sale ( which I missed ) or Amazon Prime Day ( I also missed ), something that is important enough to you that you want the “day until event” value readily available.

I’ve found a few candidates , but not enough reviews or other feedback to distinguish any one of them as “the right one”

From the app store

  • Moment
  • Countdowns
  • Countdown timer Plus

Just to clarify, here is an example

  • You are getting married in 61 days.
  • You set up countdown timer for getting married in the app
  • In the macOS menu bar, you see the number “61”.
  • Every day that number decrements by 1.

Subscription Apps. I don’t use apps that require a subscription.

I’m on the fence on the menu bar requirement. I found out that the Countdowns app has a “Today” widget which is just as good as a menu bar for my usage. The iOS app doesn’t an iOS widget which is a downer, though.

If you have Setapp then WaitingList is free. ‎WaitingList on the Mac App Store

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Setapp has an app in it called WaitingList, which is also available for purchase:

I no longer use it, but it lives int the menu bar.


Which Countdowns App do you refer to?

The one I use is a Catalyst App which has widgets on macOS and iOS.

I’m confused by the current IAP prices in the App Store though…

(I paid €1,99 or €2,99 to unlock Premium)

I have Moment. I haven’t tried Countdowns or WaitingList, but at least at a glance, I don’t see the latter two advertising the ability to put the actual number of days in the menu bar like you requested. I.e., they appear like they may be dropdown-only. Moment does have the option to add individual events to the menu bar.

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I’m trying this one - ‎Countdowns - Event Day Counter on the App Store . So far so got, except

  • No menu bar display( as I mentioned above )
  • Expensive to purchase - $20
  • No iOS widget

I’m currently using the free version.

The mac Screenshot view is pretty cool though.

It’s odd that the app Web page says
See countdowns right on your home screen (iOS 14/macOS Big Sur)

But when I edit my widgets screen and search for “countdown” there aren’t any results. I wonder if I need the premium version for that. It doesn’t say that in the Mac app store page or the web page you linked. I’ll check the iOS app store page.

You could use SwiftBar and a shell script (which I’d be happy to help you with, if you wanted to go this route).

iOS widgets are identical.

Guess they are Premium only then (and I was lucky with the price I paid?).