What is a MailKit Plugin?

I just heard MacSparky speak (at his Make Mail Dance event) about MailKit Plugins and how they are heading our way. I am new to them. What are they? What problem do they solve? How will they help us?

A new set of options for building addons for Mail, coming in the next edition of macOS:

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Also losing a lot of capabilities available with the current existing Mail plug-in extensions. I believe Apple is starting from scratch here.

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Presumably they are building the new frameworks to be more secure and also potentially compatible with iOS.

But there’s going to be a time of transition where it’s going to be painful. Akin to safari extensions being moved to the Mac App Store. Possibly akin to if apple required apps to go to the Mac App Store.


Yep, that was my first thought, probably some lock-in or at least tie-in to the Mac App Store.