What is Airmail Zero?

Is Airmail Zero the next iteration of Airmail for Mac, or a fork of the software?

It seems to be a stripped-down version for Gmail only, but I can’t find anything about who this might be for. Anyone tried it?

If I had to guess, yeah, Gmail only-basic client. They recently put out this iOS app

The latest update to Airmail prompted me with a subscription for Push Notifications and multiple accounts. It’s about £10 a year.

I don’t begrudge them that money, by the way. I just hope for better performance and bug fixes.

They’re charging the same for Zero.

The latest updates have fixed a bug that had me on the verge of quitting the app (wiping emails in the middle of composition). I don’t like the new information density, and I want to see the rate of improvements change (search on Mac still has problems, and I can’t hyperlink in the iOS composer). That said, I’m happy to pay $10/yr. I’ve been concerned about the sustainability of the app.