What is best app for voice notes on Apple Watch?

I remember an episode where David mentioned an app that you could use to make voice notes, but I can’t remember what he recommended and can’t find much clearly recommended online. I thought it was Drafts but it doesn’t seem to tout that function. Can anyone suggest an app that I could just tap a button to dictate a note when I can’t write? Thanks in advance.

Drafts on the Apple Watch does dictation, is that what you’re looking for?

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I use Bear for that. Works pretty well.

I think so, but when I went to the app description and searched for “voice notes”, nothing came up. Maybe was just the wrong term to search. David and Katie are big fans of Drafts so this is just another excuse to buy it! Thanks for quick reply.


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Thanks John! Hadn’t heard of this one before. Looks like an interesting combination of features, and it’s fanbase are really keen. Would not have found it but for your suggestion.

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It might have been Just Press Record.

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Yes, Rose, that’s what I use for voice notes. I seem to recall Katie mentioning it on a recent episode of MPU.

I have to wonder, however, if Just Press Record will be Sherlocked once the new iOS and macOS operating system’s (which use iCloud to sync among other things voice notes) comes out…

As it does transcription too I don’t think it will be Sherlocked - plus it can transcribe after the recording of necessary :slight_smile:

Thanks Rose. I don’t know how you find the time to answer so many questions, but it’s much appreciated.

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