What is causing “Video Not Available” message?

When logging in to our Apple TV+ account via our Roku device on an older Vizio TV, all content generates an error message (see attached photo)

which reads:

Video Not Available
There’s a problem loading this video
If this continues, check your internet connection
(An OK button is displayed below the above text)

We use other streaming services which are working perfectly well which tells us our internet is ok.

What is causing “Video Not Available” message?

Have others come across this?
What’s the fix?

Is it possible that our 10+ old Vizio 1080p flat screen TV is causing this?

How can I figure this out?

Also logging in to our laptop does not generate this message and we are able to watch Apple TV + video content.

Hard to tell from the distance.
Maybe one of those HDCP-Cable issues? How is the Box connected with the TV?
Has it previously worked also with Apple TV+?
If yes, was something changed (Update?) since then?
Are the login data correct? Do you have a valid Apple TV+ Account?

Google says this is happening quite frequently…

EDIT: The error message looks exactly like it would look like on an Apple TV. I do not think that your TV is the problem. My guess is that it is an issue with the Apple TV+ app on the Roku box (borked installation or a bug) or a connection issue.

Quite a recent discussion with an “Apple recommended” answer including troubleshooting options:


From there (some suggested steps):

  • Verify that your Roku has the correct date and time and timezone, as Apple may be more strict about that (TLS) than other content providers.
  • Try resetting the Apple TV app.
  • Try deleting and re-installing the Apple TV app.

And of course the usual suspects: Roku OS updates, Apple TV+ updates and making sure that there really are no connection issues preventing the Roku box to connect to Apple’s service.

I agree with @Christian. I don’t think it is your TV. I have no problem using the Apple TV app on a Chromecast with Google TV device attached to my 15 year old Samsung Plasma.

I’ve had to delete and reinstall a couple of iPhone apps lately so that would make me suspicious of the ATV+ app.