What is photoanalysisd and why running?

I restarted my computer (MBP M1 Max) and noticed that for the first time it got a little warm with the fan running. What is this (below) and why would it be running when I don’t have Photos running?

The photoanalysisd process is used by the Photos app on your Mac to search for faces and objects in the Photos Library.

It runs in the background, I guess.

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Thanks. That is strange. I haven’t added any photos recently so I’m surprised its running. The only change I’ve made is I reinstalled Alfred on this new computer this morning after listening to the latest episode of MPUs.

It checks periodically, and when new algorithms are rolled out, I assume it has to rescan.

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That makes sense, thanks!

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I wish mine would run like that and finally finish the initial scan.

I hate photoanalysisd so much that I turned off iCloud Photos so that my (older) Mac can run without the fan screaming at me consistently. With the new M1 MacBook Air which has no fan, I happily turned it on.

I’m running a 2014 Mac Mini with 4GB of memory and PhotoAnalysis is not even in my top 10 problems. And I have more than 25,000 photos, significant numbers in Raw format

Yes, I’m fortunate in that the scanning has stopped. Apparently it is periodic.