What is Single-Stream Transport (SST) mode

I want to connect my 2020 Intel MacBook Air to dual monitors and run my Mac in clamshell mode.

I intend to use a USB-C hub to do the job: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anker-PowerExpand-Delivery-Ethernet-Pixelbook-Gray/dp/B0874M3KW4/ref=psdc_430443031_t3_B07H4VQ4BZ

Will this work? Could someone explain what SST mode is?

Many thanks indeed,


That shows that both external monitors will show the same image, which isn’t what you want I imagine.

I don’t know if you would need two of the adapters to display two different displays on each monitor but I think so. Otherwise you might need a pricey hub.

Hi @drezha, thanks for the reply.

So I cannot display two separate programs i.e. Mail on left monitor, safari on right monitor for example?



Not according to that hub.

You’d need two of them. Apple say it can display two displays here, but I guess you would need two adapters.