What is the best automation service in Fall 2022?

What is the best automation service for the cost in Fall 2022? Zapier? IFTTT? Some other?

Thanks for your feedback.

You should maybe first of all define for yourself, what do you want to automate, as not all tools support everything.

I’ve used IFTTT, I haven’t used Zapier. I’ve also built a few APIs of my own (very simple ones, for personal use).

Personally, I like Make, which used to be called Integromat. It has a nice balance (for me) between technical knobs and dials, and a straightforward visual approach to multi step automations. If it has a free tier, I don’t know how expensive it is.

IFTT leans more toward the simplification end of the balance – think the Google search bar interface vs. old-school Boolean search.

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Another make.com user here. I’m not sure on the new plans (I migrated from Integromat), but when I made the switch from Zapier (probably 18 months ago), it was something crazy like 1/5 the price.


I prefer it to Zapier. The visual interface makes it so easy to build complex scenarios.

They’ve also now got a community forum which makes for getting help that much simpler (used to all be on an FB group :person_facepalming:

Never a big fan of the UI for IFTTT, for some reason just doesn’t make sense to my brain lol!

Could you give me a link to the community forum please?

I believe this is the link.

And the last Automators podcast was on Make.

I’ve not listened, nor do I use Make, just an interested bystander.

Yes, the automators podcast had started me using it. Having quite a bit of success so far.

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I like make, but have started to migrate away from it. I run Airtable for some components of my business and am using some of the automations built into it.

I used to use Zapier but moved to Integromat because I was a casual user and it saved me some coin. I will say that the Zapier blog is excellent. A lot of good automation ideas there…