What is the "cloud" icon in iTunes telling me?

I realize iTunes is (mercifully) dead now, but I’d like to clean up my music library before transitioning.

I have a number of songs in my library that look like this:

What is the cloud icon telling me?

You probably have iTunes Match turned on. The Cloud icon usually means you have a copy stored in iCloud which you can download. What happens if you delete the second-line song? Does it turned to the cloud icon? In iTunes, if you delete a song you have purchased or its in your iTunes Match, the song get move to the trash and the line still remains with the cloud icon appearing.

I do not have iTunes Match. I believe I did purchase this album from the iTunes Store, but obviously the song has not been deleted.

It just means that song is available to download. iTunes sees it as a purchased but not yet downloaded song on your system.

But if it wasn’t downloaded the second line wouldn’t be there. Or am I just being dense?

Two different dates at the end of the line. iTunes may think it’s two different versions.

@glenthompson’s post put me onto the answer. At some point I made mpeg copies of the purchased aac files (iTunes used to be able to do this). Therefore there are, indeed, two versions of each such song.

I see 2 different dates attached to that song (great choice btw!) and iTunes believes you have multiple versions. Songs that were purchased but not yet downloaded to this device will show the cloud icon until you download it.

I doubt you are being dense… could you have purchased the song at one point then imported the same CD? Click on each song and “Get Info”. I’m betting one song is a purchase and the other is an import.