What is the last delightful thing you've done or learned about your computer?

It can be software, hardware, phone, computer, whatever. I’ll share mine, which prompted this thread.

Every Friday I download my classes grade book as a .csv and then copy it to a Numbers workbook that has a master sheet so I can do xlookup to create a grade heatmap. My typical workflow was:

  1. Open Master Grade Book
  2. Create a new worksheet with the current Friday’s Date
  3. Go to the Master Sheet and create a new column (with all of the conditional highlighting carrying over)
  4. Open the downloaded .csv grade book
  5. Copy all of the data and paste it into the Friday Worksheet in the master document
  6. Close the weekly grade book and then get asked the prompt about keeping data

Today I opened up the master document first, created the new sheet and column. Then as I was looking at the new table waiting for data, I thought: “let me just try and drag this .csv file”
Lo’ and behold, it just imported the data. IT WAS MAGICAL! It really made me realize how much flipping back and forth can be annoying, when I really just want to work on one document. I tried it in excel, and it did not work. Even if it did, it would still be magical.

TL/DR: It seems you can drag and drop .csv files into a blank numbers sheet and it will input the data.


Mac apps (and the Mac) is full of “I wonder if this will work…” moments.

I remember when I realized that most Apple-design compliant apps in the Dock accept drag and drop from Finder, text from Safari, URLs, and so on. Some bloggers grumble about Apple constraints, but developers that take the app design guidance to heart have come up with some truly useful software.

So, another delight was moving from Windows where the philosophy is “you’re on your own, pal” to the Mac / OS X / macOS environment where it’s not just about hardware – it’s about the thoughtful details that created an environment that I never regret entering into every day, for work and pleasure.


I have nothing to offer which is quite pathetic but I do feel like I’m on the verge of really standardizing on some nice workflows.

Goals for 2H 2021:

  • Export my monthly electric usage into monthly CSV files and chart them.
  • Setup a PKB (Personal Knowledge Base) leveraging Drafts, Craft and DEVONthink.
  • Purchase a Blackmagic Design 6K camera
  • Finally focus on editing in FCPX, Resolve and Logic Pro
  • Centralize storage to a NAS
  • Develop a sane backup strategy with offsite to Backblaze or something like it.

Hopefully I’ll have learned some things worthy of sharing in this process. Right now I’ve got aged and broken computers that need fixing or updating so I haven’t been able to put anything into action.


Bought Sleeve. It’s the best app for showing your playing music’s artwork that I’ve found. There’s a million apps doing that but this one is current with Big Sur’s design language, it’s really well thought out and it exsudes polish. I love it and it brings me joy to have a beautiful image of my currently playing music on my desktop and in the dock. :smiley:


5 bucks with no subscription is an instabuy for me. I miss being able to do that. :slight_smile: Thank you for the recommendation!

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This may not even qualify as “delightful” but I almost always use reading mode when reading webpage articles (If I don’t flick them to Instapaper!). It’s been there for years, I know, but now I’m in a role where research is a large % of my time this is just a joy to use.

Okay, as you were, back the real delights! :wink:


No, I’m with you on that one. It may be old, but its usefulness is increasing.

Lots of websites have become really, really annoying to read, with ads jumping around as you scroll, even.
So, setting a news website to always open in reader view means I can browse the front page as normal, but when I open a story it launches in a clean look. Delightful.


Mine is obvious, but so, so true.
Having a silent, cool, long-lasting, insanely powerful notebook computer delights me


Same here. My M1 MBA has been a joy to use since the day I got it.

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With you too! Switching from a late 2015 iMac with an external drive to an M1 Mac mini with an external SSD is almost eerie. No noise. At all. I almost doubt the thing is even on. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I just posted this before I saw your post. :slight_smile:

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One thing that was sped up by the pandemic is the wide acceptance of Apple Pay and digital documents for most everything. This really hit home when I went on a vacation to Florida. My plane tickets were digital, I could check in to my flights using my iPhone. Almost every store accepted Apple Pay. I brought some cash with me, but I don’t think there was a single case where I had to use cash to pay for something. Even tiny mom and pop stores accept Apple Pay now. So for most of the vacation, I only needed my iPhone. My wallet was really just a backup to that.


I’m trying to get my Wife to see the light.

I bought her a iPhone case wallet combo hoping she’d “pack light” but right now it’s brimming with plastic cards, receipts and more.

She uses Apple Pay and trusts it we also gas up using Walmart Pay at the pump.

I think it’s just a safety net thing for her.

I just wish Arkansas would let us pay extra for a secure Digital Drivers License. It’s really the only reason I carry my wallet

That I have a lot more time on my hands when I turn it off :wink:


Yes! Macworld is one of the worst offenders.

This may sound lame but I never owned an original iPod Classic because I could just not afford one back in the day. Two days ago a friend gave me one that he had laying in a drawer. I charged it and fired it up yesterday morning and it still works. I giggled like a child when I used that click

wheel for the first time!


Oh wow. That brings back memories. I’m so happy for you!

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Someone just fave me 2 last generation iPod classic’s.
Its still the best and easiest to use UI


I have a senior IPod touch and still love :two_hearts: it. It runs 9.35, I believe.

I especially enjoy that Siri! Now she’s a bit bland.

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