What is this behavior on iPhone Lock Screen?

At random times the Lock Screen on my iPhone 13 Pro Max (IOS 16) will do this:

It looks like the Lock Screen shrinks and expects me to “do something” :grinning: such as add a new Lock Screen. Or something.

Presumably this is some type of Lock Screen editing/changing feature. What triggers this behavior? How can I block this from happening? Or at least change the triggering method to something less likely to occur unintentionally?

It is a way to change the Lock Screen. It is invoked by press and hold on the Lock Screen.

I do not know if there is a way to toggle it on or off.

It is under “Wallpaper” in Settings, but I do not see a way to turn it off.

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You can’t turn it off. It’s by design to allow swapping of lock screens.

It irritates me. Eventually trained myself not to use the swipe that causes this “feature” to popup. It is too easy to put the iPhone into this state. It should be some more deliberate/complex swipe or pinch; I would suggest a four finger pinch from the corners of the screen to the center.

Exactly. What is the special swipe that causes this? I would like to avoid it.

With the Lock Screen visible you touch and hold on it. (Had to look it up after training myself not to do it.)

Swipe up from the bottom gets rid of it.

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You can also just tap inside the slightly shrunken screen to restore it.